Lush Seal Opposition, Imported Workers, the Seinfeld Convention, the Junos are Pointless, and Brit-style Propaganda

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Karen Wolverton, co-owner of Lush Cosmetics, protests Canada’s seal hunt on Robson Street:

Vancouver mayor testifies in Cambie merchant lawsuit:

Canadian Alliance of Student Associations says Ottawa has plenty of options to ease student debt load:

Tim Hortons on Manitoba reserve to import workers from the Philippines :

Darcy @ Dust My Broom answers the uncomfortable question, “isn’t anyone from the region qualified to work at Tims?”

It’s the convention about nothing:

Some Grits are calling the upcoming Liberal Convention the “Seinfeld Convention”. With “no leadership contest, no presidential contest, few delegates, limited policy debates” there won’t really be a lot to talk aboot.

Feds quietly chop money for fetal alcohol disorders program:

You know, it’s funny; I never see these funding cuts on the Stand Up For Canada page.

Mathew Good says the Junos are pointless:

Matthew Good, who’s won three Junos, calls the show pointless and says he won’t be attending.

“When it’s actually a television broadcast that celebrates actual Canadian music, rather than who’s doing well internationally and has been in car commercials and iPod commercials … I’ll go,” he said in a telephone interview.

British Style anti-terror propaganda right her in Vanchillaxer:

In a previous post, I talked aboot how much easier it is to deter crime when everybody makes it their responsibility, as opposed to expecting the police to handle it all.

However, it’s one thing to be aware of your surroundings, and yet another thing to call the overtaxed police about nothing at all. I certainly hope that Vancouver never develops the level of paranoia that London Police would have British citizens at. It seems almost laughable that something like that would happen here… bu..uh..ut …then THIS was spotted at a Skytrain station.

Thanks for the tip-off Sean

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