China, Pakistan + Taliban, Shantytowns, and G-20 Protests

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has China replaced the U.S. role in the world economy?

how China sees the world and how the world should see China:

The rise of China over the past three decades has been astonishing. But it has lacked the one feature it needed fully to satisfy the ultranationalist fringe: an accompanying decline of the West. Now capitalism is in a funk in its heartlands. Europe and Japan, embroiled in the deepest post-war recession, are barely worth consideration as rivals. America, the superpower, has passed its peak. Although in public China’s leaders eschew triumphalism, there is a sense in Beijing that the reassertion of the Middle Kingdom’s global ascendancy is at hand.

Afghan Strikes by Taliban Get Pakistan Help, U.S. Aides Say :

WASHINGTON — The Taliban’s widening campaign in southern Afghanistan is made possible in part by direct support from operatives in Pakistan’s military intelligence agency, despite Pakistani government promises to sever ties to militant groups fighting in Afghanistan, according to American government officials.

Boy, forget aboot eating the geese, some people want to eat the Banksters Protesters, police go online in G-20 battle:

LONDON, England (CNN) — Social networking Web sites are set to play a crucial role in protests ahead of next week’s G-20 meeting of world leaders in London as demonstration organizers and police use Twitter and Facebook as key sources of real-time information and intelligence.

Metropolitan Police leaders have warned that the city faces an “unprecedented” wave of protest in the run-up to Thursday’s summit talks on the state of the global economy and are set to deploy huge numbers of officers to maintain public order.

Thousands of protesters are expected to march through the streets this Saturday in a rally organized by trade unions and left wing groups.

US cities deal with shantytowns:

I’ve heard these shantytowns refered to as “Bushvilles”. I suppose it won’t be long before the right wingnut amnesiacs start calling them “Obamavilles”.

What’s going on with Vancouver’s recurring tent city situation? I don’t know. The most recent thing that I found was from six months ago: Oct 30, 2008 The Downtown Eastside Residents Association says it will help homeless people “re-establish a tent city” on city-owned property in downtown Vancouver.

Do you know anything more recent than that? Please leave an update in the comments.

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