Jim Carrey is Too Gay, Gay Refugee News, Bans of Marriage and Marriage Parties, and “Curing” teh Geh

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Is Jim Carrey too Gay for Movie Theatres?

Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor’s latest movie, I Love You, Phillip Morris, appears to be headed direct-to-video, despite getting a generally positive reception at recent film festivals. Micheal Musto speculates that a particular sex scene may have film buyers squeamish,

Stop Flaunting your Sexuality:

With California’s vote last November in favor of the gay-marriage ban known as Proposition 8, some gays are saying that bachelorette parties at their bars are becoming more than a minor nuisance. They’re a constant reminder that gays don’t have equal marriage rights.

Thanks for the tip-off Joe

Canada’s abysmal gay refugee record probably isn’t going to get better:Doug Cryer, the former director of public policy for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, has been appointed to Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board by the Conservative government. Cryer, who says that all gay people are inherently sinful, will now decide if gay refugees will be allowed to stay in Canada to avoid persecution of homosexuality in their home countries.Canada is habitually unaccommodating of gay refugees, often requiring exhaustive proof of homosexuality from claimants who have had to spend their whole lives hiding it from oppressive governments.

Senator John Kerry is trying to reunite Massachusetts man with his husband:

The case of Tim and Junior has attracted a lot of public attention – and rightly so. Their dilemma illustrates just how important it is to inject some justice and compassion into our immigration system and how important it is to overturn wrongheaded laws like the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and pass legislation that guarantees gay couples the same legal protections heterosexual couples are afforded.

One in six psychiatrists has tried to ‘turn gays straight’:

The idea that homosexuality is an aberration from the norm which can be “corrected”, rather than a natural state, was current for most of the last century. Everyone was thought to be basically heterosexual and homosexuality was regarded as a deviation from the norm, the result of “faulty learning” in childhood.

During the 1950s and 1960s, when belief in psychological behaviourism was at its height, aversion therapy was used to “cure” homosexuals. Male patients were given a slide show which included pictures of sexually attractive men and women and a lever that allowed them to change the slides. If they lingered too long over the pictures of the men, and did not move on swiftly enough to the pictures of the women, they received an electric shock. A variation of this treatment involved a drug that would make them vomit.

Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas To Veto Gay Marriage:

“The Vermont Senate approved marriage equality earlier this week with the House expected to do the same shortly. There may be enough votes to overturn Douglas’ veto”.

You may remember that Vermont was the first state to adopt “civil unions, an institution which grants same-sex couples nearly all the rights and privileges of marriage. In Baker v. Vermont (1999), the Vermont Supreme Court ruled that, under the Constitution of Vermont, the state must either allow same-sex marriage or provide a separate but equal status for them. The state legislature chose the second option by creating the institution of civil union; the bill was passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Howard Dean” (source: Wikipedia).

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  1. That gay photo treatment thing sounds eerily familiar. You might be aware of a machine developed by the RCMP during the 1950s which was based on a slightly similar premise, and which was used in an attempt to identify homosexuals in the public service (who could then be fired, or at least shifted out of security-related job placements).

    In that case, the so-called “fruit machine” consisted of a camera zoomed in on your eyes, and a box that displayed words or sexually explicit pictures. The operator then “measured” pupil response to, for example, pictures of men and pictures of women. Think lie detector, but a hell of a lot more primitive.

    • Wow, that sounds something from the gay version of Blade Runner

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