World’s Cheapest Car and the Colbert Space Toilet

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10 Cool Clocks from

U.S. billionaire Charles Simonyi heading to space station aboard Russia capsule:

MIT Scientists Invent One-piece, In-wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit:

World’s Cheapest Car Released in India:
Meet the Nano. Car of the Future? I’ll let you read the article for details. Canadians may be wondering, “why don’t we have any cars-of-the-future here?” Well actually …
ZENN Motor Company If you want to buy one though you’ll probably have to pick it up in the U.S. because this Canadian car company only has one retail outlet in Canada, in Quebec. The video gives details on why.

NASA might name toilet for Stephen Colbert :

Stephen Colbert asked his fans to vote “Colbert” for in a contest to name a new International Space Station module. “Colbert” received five times the votes of “Serenity”, the nearest NASA suggested name. However, NASA reserves the right to choose the final name. Graeme @ Nunc Scio warns NASA that they’d better name the module “Colbert” or face the wrath of the Colbert Nation. I think that they should do it because it will give NASA some street cred.

FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS: Oh Snap! NASA can be funny too Stephen.

As it became clear that “Colbert” was likely to win the popular vote, NASA insiders told, agency personnel floated the idea of naming the station’s new toilet “Colbert.”

NASA spokesman John Yembrick said the Node 3 naming decision would not be made until April and that the “highest voted names” were receiving the most consideration.

“As for the toilet rumor, we don’t want to flush away any goodwill by announcing something before we are ready,” Yembrick said.

The whole thing reminds me of the CBC’s Greatest Canadian Contest of 2004. Canadians could vote for the person that they thought were the greatest. Hal Anderson, a radio DJ in Winnepeg simply asked people to vote for him. For that reason, he is now “officially” the 34th Greatest Canadian to ever live. (He expressed regret after the results were in that he beat out Mr. Dressup).

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