Caloric Restriction, Obesity, Mental Health in the Black Community, and More Mosquito News

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Vitamin D deficiency soars in the U.S.:

Canada commits $127.4 million to fighting tuberculosis:

Morning-after pill to be made available to 17-year-olds:

Dr. Oz brings the Caloric Restriction Diet to Oprah:

Hey now that it’s been on Oprah, maybe the Caloric Restriction Diet won’t sound so Sci-Fi.

“We’re going to talk about extreme life extension,” he says. “I’m talking about very specifically allowing us to go into our second century of life with the vitality and the bounciness that you have when you’re a young person.”

Thanks to advances in technology and research on how diet affects the aging process, Dr. Oz says it might be possible for some people to live to see their 120th birthdays.

and speaking of calories … Why obesity is not a lifestyle choice:

Few recognize or acknowledge the close relationship between mental health and eating behaviour – whether causal as in the form of depression or addictions or as a major barrier to treatment as in attention deficit disorder or chronic pain. For many, eating is the easiest and most affordable means of coping with stress, anxiety, boredom, loneliness, isolation, abuse, despair and frustration. Fast food is not the cause of obesity – it is merely a symptom of a society that does not take time to eat. Whatever the cause, once established, obesity becomes a chronic condition for which we have no cure – only treatments.

Thanks for the tip-off Canadian Medicine

and speaking of mental illness… mental illness taboo in black community:

Bill Cosby and his corroborator, Dr Alvin Poussaint recently wrote, Come on People, a book in which they emphasize and tie personal responsibility to the community’s progress. I too agree that blacks need to take care of each other; to reexamine their actions with more diligence. But the role mental health plays in the affairs of the community is at best glossed over.

I believe mental health needs to be more vigorously emphasized since it’s central to everything that has transpired to black America over the last four hundred years. I don’t by this suggest that black America place the burden of what ails it at white folks’ door step, nor am I saying that America’s white rulers’ actions didn’t exacerbate blacks’ pain, magnifying the pain of mental illness.

Remember How Obama Was Going to Stop Raids on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

At about 3:30 p.m. [Wed March 25], DEA agents began raiding a medical-marijuana dispensary in San Francisco, several witnesses say. Agents continue to detain people inside Emmalyn’s California Cannabis Clinic.

The San Francisco Cannabis Clubs website reports, “The DEA is claiming Emmalyn’s has violated both state and federal law, but remain hushed about the specific allegations.”

Attorney General Eric Holder vowed last week to stop raids on medical marijuana dispensaries—a common practice under the Bush Administration—as long as a dispensary operated within state guidelines.
“There is no indication that the dispensary was in violation of state law,” says Kris Hermes, a spokesman for Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a medical-pot advocacy group in California. He points out the City of San Francisco issued the club a provisional permit to operate. It has been in business, apparently in compliance with state law, since 2006.

Malaria Mosquito News

Last week, I wrote aboot the Mosquito-seeking ‘laser’ intended to fight the spread of malaria. Now there is more news on the battle between man and tiny beast:

Using flower power to trap mosquitoes:

MOSQUITOES are infamous for sucking blood, but mostly they prefer sucking nectar from flowers.

Thomas Kollars at Georgia Southern University at Statesboro in the US is using flower power to trap mosquitoes, which spread malaria, dengue, yellow fever and other infections. He has designed a flower-shaped plastic trap in blue, green, red and black – all colours Kollars says attract mosquitoes. In the middle of the disc is a pad soaked in sweet fluid laced with Bt, an insecticide that is not toxic to other animals. A fine screen keeps out other insects but allows the mosquito’s proboscis through. The discs have killed mosquitoes in lab tests and Kollars is now testing them in fields in Puerto Rico.

Also, in case you didn’t know, Belinda Stronach and Rick Mercer have an ongoing campaign called Spread the Net. You can save a child’s life by donating $10.00 dollars for a mosquito net.

Previous Medical News:


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