What Can You Do Aboot the Mexican Drug War?

March 28, 2009 at 8:02 pm | Posted in Politics | Leave a comment

Changing goal to making country ‘drug free’ is not working:

New York State Reaches Deal to Repeal ’70s Drug Laws:
Drug Laws Reform

Obama addresses legalization question with a resounding NO:

After that resounding NO, The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws saw its donations quadruple:

Snarky News Roudup from Dan Savage on the drug war in Mexico:

On Winning The Mexican Drug War, Or, “Fighting For Peace Is Like…:

U.S. shares blame for Mexico drug violence, Hillary Clinton says:

WOW!~ Can you imagine anyone in the Bush administration saying that? OK, maybe Powell, if he was drunk.

US annexes Mexican Land! but just a little…

Between NAFTA and the drug war, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will have a lot to talk about on her visit to Mexico today, but she probably wasn’t anticipating defending the U.S. conquest of a Mexican sidewalk. Some Mexico City politicians that security barriers set up around the U.S. embassy have effectively annexed an ajacent side street:

The Mexican drug war isn’t just aboot . It’s affecting as well. It’s the reason that there has been so much gang violence and death in . I want to do something aboot it, not just for but for my beloved as well. As an average moose there isn’t much that I can do, but I can do something and so can you.

My last linkis to one of my own article: Encourage Jack Layton to call for Drug Law Reform. Please just read the email that I sent to Jack Layton and consider emailing someone yourself.

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