Aetheists, Catholics, Cthulhu, oh my!

March 29, 2009 at 8:44 pm | Posted in Politics | Leave a comment

Calgary teachers’ AIDS fundraiser halted after bishop’s disapproval:

Islamic States Mark a Decade of ‘Defamation of Religion’ Measures With Another Success:“For the tenth year, the United Nations’ top human rights watchdog has passed a resolution on “defamation of religion,” in the face of growing international criticism that its Islamic sponsors are trying to place constraints on free expression.”

Priest steal from collection plate to buy a bar:

Aethiest bus ads are taking over buildings now:

The Union of Atheists and Freethinkers (UAL) in Spain wanted to put up atheist bus ads of their own, so they contacted Transportes Urbanos de Zaragoza (TUZSA) to put them up. TUZSA never responded to them — most likely to avoid the whole situation.

But the atheists aren’t going away.

Florida Grinds Religious Axe:

“Parents are challenging the school for having students sing a ridiculous country song called In God We Still Trust, by Diamond Rio. This song is nothing more than a religious right hymn to the Christian Nation myth.”

Separation of Church and Taste:

Some guy comes up with “Christian Salt” because he doesn’t want to put Kosher salt on his food. Apparently that would make your food more Jewish AKA less Christian. The story doesn’t really seem to be anti-semitic, just Another Spoonful of Stupid.

Deeky @ Shakesville figures the next logical step is Cthulhu’s Atheist Salt:

It’s just like regular salt, but without any of that “blessed by an Episcopal priest” nonsense. And I assure you no rabbis came anywhere near this stuff either. It’s yummy, it’s tasty and it won’t burn your tongue simply for being a nonbeliever. Coming soon to a health foods store near you!

* When I say “I’ve created” what I mean, in fact, is “Liss created,” but being an atheist, I’m not bound by that “thou shalt not lie” rule.

Good Work Deeky/Liss!

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