8 … 8 interesting (to Moose) items … *lightning crash* AH-AH-AH-AH-AH!

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Clever Prank in Ireland turns into censorship issue:

I can’t believe it took the nerds so long to recognize this:

Firefighter dressed as Spiderman rescues boy in Thailand:

My Favorite part of this story is that the firefighter just happened to have a Spiderman costume in his locker. Does this situation come up often?

Apparently, vampires are OCD:

That would explain why Count Von Count from sesame street had to count everything. And if you enjoyed that geekish observation, you may also enjoy http://cartoonoveranalyzations.com

South Park Last Supper… You Bastards!:

The only surprising thing about a South Park Last Supper parody is that it has taken them so long to do one. This scene is from Margaritaville, which as of this writing, has yet to air here in Canada, but played in the U.S. earlier this week. Kyle, the Jew, as Jesus with Cartman as his Judas? It’s a perfect match, and trust me, I’ve seen a whole lot of versions of the Last Supper – here are 50 of them.

Several Disney Characters Humanized…

… including Darkwing Duck, Finding Nemo, and The Lion King

Video Mashup: Watchmen + Wall-e:
Speaking of Wall-e, it’s another Watchmen mashup. That song is “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning” by Smashing Pumpkins. Its a remix of their song “The End is the Beginning is the End” which was made for the “Batman and Robin” Soundtrack. I’m beginning to think that you could add that song to any slowed-down footage to get a dystopian future. I’m sure it won’t be long before we see the Watchmen + Care Bears mashup.

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