Drug Testing, Vengeance, Moral Majority, Cooper and Steele

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More Police Abuse and Lies in Florida:

Responsible Fishing Deemed a Terrorist Activity (in UK of course):

Arrested for thinking about drunk driving:

Guilt by association on Facebook:

“A U.K. prison prison guard has been terminated for gross misconduct, after a disciplinary hearing determined that his Facebook ‘friend list’ included some unsavoury types:”

Drug testing for welfare recipients?

Sure, let’s test everyone, politicians included. The Republicans are always too anxious to do everything possible to demonize individuals on welfare but why is it only for the poor? Let’s test everyone at every company that receives bailout money as well and apply the same rules. If anyone fails, the entire company loses the money and thrown to the gutter. The GOP never offers anything more than “no” or demonizing the poor but somehow miss the largest welfare recipients in the world.

Custody judges rule on vengeance:

More than ever before, Canada’s judges are recognizing that some children of divorced and warring parents are not simply living an unfortunate predicament, but rather are victims of child abuse and suffering from Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Though debate swirls as to whether the occurrence should be termed a syndrome, a disorder, or simply ‘parental alienation,’ Canadian and American judges, lawyers, and psychologists are increasingly buying into a view that sees programming a child to despise a non-custodial parent as grounds for removing the “brainwashed” child from the alienating parent’s custody – or what is known in the extreme as a court-ordered “parentectomy.”

Caption Anderson Cooper’s Expression:

The guy on the right is Alex Castellanos, some right-wing hack, speaking aboot how Barack Obama got a little frustrated at a ‘gotcha’ question from Ed Henry, some other douche.

The whole reason I’m posting this is that I just love Anderson Cooper’s expression while he’s listening to this crap. It’s also driving me nuts though; I can’t think of a good caption for the photo. Do you have one? Please leave it in the comments.

Castellanos: Well tonight I think we saw the first hint Anderson, and it’s only a small hint of a President who could be a one termer. We saw some impatience beneath the surface ahhh, on this Ed Henry question, which I thought was entirely fair. You evidently our educational system is not in as good of shape as we thought because neither Congress nor Democrats there or the President could actually read the stimulus bill.

Speaking of not buying it Do Republicans believe that whole moral majority crap?

I was quite surprised when I learned that Moral Majority was the name of an actual organization. I thought that it was just an expression for people who assumed that the majority of people had the same morals that they did. Pandagan thinks that a lot of people did make that assumption:

Apparently, the “moral majority” stuff wasn’t just a ruse. Republicans were able to muster such self-assurance in the past because they honestly thought they were speaking for the majority, a majority of bigots and wankers oppressed by the tyranny of political correctness. And let’s face it, Democrats believed it, too. Which is why Democratic candidates kept putting on camouflage or embracing nicknames like “Bubba”.

Michael Steele throws down:

Let’s end on a happy note. The folks at The Colbert Report put together this video in response to Micheal Steele‘s comment that he “plans an ‘off the hook’ public relations offensive to attract younger voters, especially blacks and Hispanics, by applying the party’s principles to ‘urban-suburban hip-hop settings’.”

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