Online April 1st Foolery

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Gmail Autopilot:

Google did something of course. Gmail autopilot answers your email so that you don’t have to. Clickety Click the heading

The Vancouver Courier:

I don’t know if they plan to have the fake headlines up all week, so I took a partial screenshot. I actually believed the story aboot the goat until halfway through the second paragraph.

You got me Pandagon:

It’s because I’m a hopeless romantic, or perhaps just hopeless. I (mostly) believed that Pandagon had fallen in love with one of his regular commenters.

Sardonic April Fools at Canadian medicine:

BREAKING NEWS: All 10 provincial and three territorial governments announced that, in light of a comprehensive “common sense” review, they will enact the following reforms immediately:

  • jointly funded pensions will be made available for private-practice physicians;
  • billing codes will be created to pay doctors fairly for remote consultations by telephone, email or video uplink;
  • reasonably significant portions of health budgets will be dedicated to disease prevention, health promotion, and chronic disease management;
  • efficient methods of evaluating foreign-trained doctors will be put in place;
  • and compensation will be provided to developing countries whose doctors they recruit to come to Canada.

In other news, federal aviation regulators said pigs will be granted commercial airline pilot licences. Happy April Fools’ Day. (And sorry for getting your hopes up.)

Lenin Statue hit by April Fools Day Pranksters/Vandals:

This isn’t an online prank. It’s the regular old “real world” prank, but quite a good one eh?

“One of Russia’s most famous statues of Vladimir Lenin has been bombed, leaving the Bolshevik revolutionary with a gaping hole in his rear.”

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