N. Korea Threat, Nuke News from Russia and Israel, Mitt Romney, China and Zimbabwe Financial Matters

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North Korea Threatens to Down U.S. Surveillance Planes:

U.S., Russia announce nuke talks:

Petraeus: Israel Might Attack Iran:

“Army General David Petraeus told Congress that ‘the Israeli government may ultimately see itself so threatened by the prospect of an Iranian nuclear weapon that it would take preemptive military action to derail or delay it’.”

Romney: Don’t root for Obama to fail:

“I also think its important for us to nod to the president when he’s right,” Romney said. “He will not always be wrong.”

Romney praised Obama for not pulling troops from Iraq haphazardly and for going after terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He also said Obama has been good at talking tough to the struggling auto industry.

Now there’s some leadership for the GOP, not like these clowns.

China agrees to a $10.24 billion currency swap with Argentina:

Why, then, would China use this week’s Inter-American Development Bank meeting in Medillín to agree to a $10.24 billion currency swap with a country whose bonds could be worth next to nothing by the end of 2010? Two reasons seem apparent — one is straightforward, the other is disturbing.

First, as Xinhua reports, the Argentines can essentially use the RMB as extra cash to pay for imports. But one might note that, since the Yuan is not a convertible currency, the money can only be used to purchase goods from — you guessed it — China, potentially giving a boost the Dragon’s ailing export sector.

The other reason for the swap seems more strategic, especially in conjunction with other currency trades that China has very quietly signed with Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Belarus, and Indonesia over the past three months.

Zimbabwean Dollar: World’s First Trillion Dollar Ad Campaign:

To protest the hyperinflation that has rendered the Zimbabwe currency worthless and to raise awareness of the dire economic situation there, the Zimbabwean Newspaper created an ad campaign featuring huge posters, wall murals, flyers, and even billboards all made out of trillions of Zimbabwean dollars. Check out the photos from the newspaper’s Flickr photostream.

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