You Belong To Me on ukulele, and other Interweeble shtufff

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Colorado Man Coughs Up Nail Stuck In His Nose For 30 Years:

“To this day, Sanchez has no idea how that nail made it up his nose.”

Hummer vs, school bus:

Damn! I thought that SUVs were supposed to be tough. That school bus is barely dented. School buses are built like tanks, but still, so much for paying an extra fifteen grand for safety.

Men’s/Women’s Room signs from around the world:

You’ve probably already seen a wizzillion web pages that show funny toilet signs, but there were a few here that I hadn’t seen before, so maybe they’ll be new to you as well. Clickity Click the heading to see the whole collection.

Best Venn Diagram Ever:

New Math:

Craig Damrauer provides a mathematical explanation of why I don’t use umbrellas plus many other equations to illustrate concepts.

Thanks for the tip-off Miss Cellania.

How to hide an airplane factory – before and after pictures:

“During World War II the Army Corps of Engineers needed to hide the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant to protect it from a Japanese air attack. They covered it with camouflage netting and trompe l’oeil to make it look like a rural subdivision from the air.”

Goonie Trivia:

What is the best movie ever made. Did you say Citizen Kane? Casablanca? Gone With The Wind

FAIL! The greatest movie ever made is The Goonies. It’s a scientific fact.

And I bet you think you know all aboot the Goonies don’t you? Don’t you smart-ass?!? Well Clickety Click the heading to read some things aboot God’s gift to cinema that you probably didn’t know.

BTW, guess who these people are:

Janet Klein plays You Belong To Me on ukulele:

The folks over at are positively obsessed with ukelele players. Clickity Click the heading to see a list of other ukulele posts.

You Belong To Me, originally recorded by Sue Thompson during World War II, must be one of the most covered songs in music history. For other versions check out some Youtube selections.

Previous Series of Tubes Stuff:

Previous (mostly) Youtube Videos:


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