Do Catholics follow the stupid pope? Also Stanlin-esque Israeli photoshopping

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Well it must be Sunday, because it’s time for another Religious News Roundup. There’s actually a little bit of good news this time, buried among the bad.

Catholics Accept Abortion and Stem Cell Research:

The Catholic Church seems to be having a difficult time getting their own followers to accept their vigorously held positions on abortion and stem cell research. A new Gallup poll shows that Catholics don’t find abortion or embryonic stem cell research to be a moral problem any more than non-Catholics do. In fact, that’s true on a whole range of issues where the Church takes a strong moral position and their followers don’t buy in to that position any more than non-Catholics do.

Orthodox paper photoshops women out of Israeli cabinet:

The Israeli ultra-Orthodox newspaper Yated Neeman reached new levels of Stalin-esque photoshop audacity by doctoring photos of Israel’s new government to remove female ministers Limor Livnat and Sofa Landver and replacing them with male ministers.

I wonder what would happen if Yated Neeman did a retrospective of Golda Meir. Maybe they would draw a moustache on her and claim that she was really a guy named Murry.

Catholic Bishops: They Knew, They Were Warned, They Didn’t Care:

The founder of a Roman Catholic religious order that ran retreat centers for troubled priests warned American bishops in forceful letters dating back to 1952 that pedophiles should be removed from the priesthood because they could not be cured.

The Rev. Gerald M. C. Fitzgerald, founder of the order, Servants of the Paraclete, delivered the same advice in person to Vatican officials in Rome in 1962 and to Pope Paul VI a year later, according to the letters, which were unsealed by a judge in the course of litigation against the church.

The documents contradict the most consistent defense given by bishops about the sexual abuse scandal: that they were unaware until recently that offenders could not be rehabilitated and returned to the ministry….

Thanks for the tip-off Dan

The Pope And The Cult:

This is huge – and very encouraging news. Pope Benedict XVI has decided to launch an investigation of the Legionaries of Christ, the cult once presided over by the sexual abuser, Marcial Maciel. This is a very big deal because it suggests that Benedict understands that the large amount of cash the Legion has brought into the church may not be worth the loss of integrity it has entailed. The Dish has covered this story for years now – and, for all my past criticism, Benedict deserves great praise for this belated move.

Richard Dawkins says Pope is stupid:

Prof Dawkins, who recently stepped down as the Professor for Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University, is renowned for his strident views on faith.

He wrote the bestselling book The God Delusion in 2006 and supported the recent £140,000 advertising campaign on London transport, which featured posters reading: “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”
Last year, he announced his intention to write a book warning children of the dangers in believing what he called “anti-scientific” fairytales, including Harry Potter.

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