BC Election, and BC Homeless

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Why the NDP Has a Shot:

“The urban-rural fault lines that have defined British Columbia’s political landscape for most of the past century have crumbled. On May 12, green-minded suburban voters are poised to pick B.C.’s next premier.”

A BC election ABC:

Amazing Beautiful Comprehensive alphabetic list of election issues from Andrew Mitchell.

“Issues, as always, are lines in the sand, blood in the water. And while the economy is the big issue of the day, it won’t be the only issue discussed and debated in the coming weeks and months, or the only way to differentiate between the candidates. Pique has put together this short, alphabetical election primer to help voters get a sense of the issues at hand.”

  • A is for Aboriginal Land Title
  • B is for B.C. Rail Sale
  • C is for Carbon Tax and Cap-and-Trade

etcetera … There are a lot of issues, but they’re very digestible.

Funding for homelessness prevention in Surrey:

“Today, the Ministry of Housing and Social Development announced that $32.9 million would be dedicated to the construction and development of two centres dedicated to people on the verge of homelessness.”

DTES coverage and debate intensifies:

Langara College hosted a panel called DTES: Myths and Realities, where panellists discussed what’s needed for the community and, perhaps as importantly, what isn’t.

“I think one of the myths about the Downtown Eastside, the one I hear the most often, is that the problems are incredibly complex,” said David Eby, the acting executive director of the BC Civil Liberties Association, who said he was sharing his personal views and not necessarily those of the organization.

The solutions are really quite simple, Eby said, and require government commitment to affordable housing, access to meaningful mental health and drug treatment, and health care.
All the panellists agreed that at least some investment in these areas is needed.

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