BC Bait Cars and Electric Cars, Walking Houses, Cell Phones in India, and Simulated Mars Mission in Russia

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Vancouver, BC Hydro, sign on to test electric car:

Bait cars upgraded as auto theft falls in B.C.:

Have You Walked Your Home Lately?:

“The Walking House is exactly what it sounds like, a house with steel legs that moves when the homeowners needs or wants it too. The best part of the house is that it allows homeowners to live and travel with their house without leaving behind a deep carbon footprint in the process.”

India – petition for phone companies to deploy equipment to disable mobiles on the roads to avoid traffic accidents:

OK, this story is more aboot social graces being encoded by law than it is aboot cell-phone jamming technology. But it still raises the issue of using one technology to cancel oot another:

The measures may appear extreme but have already won significant backing, including from The Times of India, the country’s most-read English language newspaper.

India’s mobile phone market is one of the few corners of the global economy to have remained impervious – so far – to the credit crunch. In January the country added a record 15 million subscribers, making its mobile network the world’s fastest-growing, with customers from poor rural areas driving the surge.

In cinema theatres across India audience members can often be heard chatting on their new handsets, discussing the plot of the film as it unfolds on screen.

Even doctors commonly answer calls while treating patients. “People think nothing of leaving their phones on or holding a long, loud conversation during plays, films and other public shows,” The Business Standard newspaper recently complained.

Russia locks up six volunteers for Mars experiment:

Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if the Russian Space Program told the volunteers that they were really going to Mars. They would have to get six volunteers gullible enough to buy the excuses aboot why there was gravity but no windows. Maybe the Russian scientists could wack the outside of the module from time to time with a broom and have a “meteor alert” go off inside the module, just to frack with the guys inside. Man, that would be sweet.

The hatch slammed shut Tuesday behind six volunteers from Europe and Russia who will spend three months isolated in a capsule in Moscow to simulate conditions for a manned mission to Mars.

The two Europeans and four Russians must now live in the cramped facility until the experiment ends 105 days later, allowing scientists to assess the effects of long duration space flight on their minds and bodies.

LOL Armstrong

And now just because we’re talking aboot space, I give you LOL Armstrong. You’re Welcome.

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