‘Vampire Batteries’ in BC, Italian predicted earthquake, and liquid mercury

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tech talk Tuesdaythe mad scientist edition

UBC researchers develop ‘vampire battery’ powered by blood plasma:

Bwaa haa haa, Dr. Jayachandran “The Impaler” Kizhakkedathu and team develop a ” fuel cell that can generate power from a drop of human blood plasma. The discovery means that pacemakers and other implanted medical devices may one day be able to run on electricity generated by a patient’s blood, rather than on batteries that require regular surgical replacement.”

Scientist says he predicted Italy earthquake, was ignored:

National Post – “A powerful earthquake struck central Italy early on Monday, killing more than 130 people, making up to 50,000 homeless and flattening entire medieval towns while residents slept.”

This sad story also has a bit of Madness to it, but the good kind of mad. The ‘one day they will respect my theories’ kind of mad.

[Gioacchino] Giuliani claims to have predicted the quake by monitoring radon gas emissions. Last month, cars with loudspeakers drove around the area, broadcasting the researcher’s warning that a quake would soon strike. He was then reported to the authorities for making false alarms, and was obliged to remove his findings from the Internet.

The researcher demanded that he be given a formal apology. “There are people who must apologize to me, and they must have the weight of what occurred on their conscience,” said Giuliani after the earthquake hit.”

Cannonball floating in mercury:

And then there’s this guy. I don’t know who he is, but I think Interpol should keep an eye on him. He might seem charming and harmless, but any day he could turn into a mad scientist in an underground lair covered by an artificial lake of liquid mercury. You know, to protect his lair from cannonballs.

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