Cats versus Birds – who’s got more cool news and multimedia?

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animal Friday

This post pits the age old enemies of cats and birds against each other to see who can hold my attention the longest and make me squee with delight like the little girl I’ve always dreamed of being but have been too afraid to tell anyone, so don’t tell anyone, k?

Let’s start with a little cat dunking basketball action. The cat’s name is Gizmo and he’s got game. Alley (Oop) Cat –

All right, good start for the cats. Birds, anything interesting going on with you?

Chicken Lays Green Eggs:

“A Croatian poultry farmer is doing a cracking Easter trade in naturally-laid green-coloured eggs.Stipa Gregacevic was astonished when his prize hen Fata began laying coloured eggs at the family farm in Forkusevci.”

Green eggs in Forkusevci? Get the Forkusevci outta here! That’s Forkusevci amazing!

Cats, it’s your turn.

Surgery for lion with deadly hairball:

“Tiny the lion was just hours from death at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Smarden, near Ashford in Kent when he was taken in for emergency surgery. The 200kg cat had to be anaesthetised using a dart and blowpipe by a vet in his den before the operation, which involved six vets and eight handlers.”

27 Wild Animal Encounters in BC:

17 of them are birds. Maybe not as dramatic as anesthetizing a 200 pound lion with a blow dart, but they’re good photos. Extra points because photo 14 is a moose.

Also, thanks for telling me what those little black duck things I’ve been seeing on false creek are.

Got anything else?

Listen to Bird Song Radio On your computer at home or at work:

Awesome. I would totally drown out my annoying boss with birdsong radio, if I had a job.

Last round is to you cats, whattyagot?

The Bizarre Zoo in Argentina:

“A controversial zoo in Argentina allows tourists to have extremely close encounters with some of the most dangerous predators in the world.”

OH MY GOD, the cat’s have it, hands down. It looked close there for awhile, but that last story put it over the top. Better luck next time birds. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pack for my trip to Argentina.

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