Animal Friday – The Dog Post + Pet Shop Boys

April 10, 2009 at 8:06 pm | Posted in interesting (to moose), Politics | Leave a comment

animal Friday

Rescue Shelter Boys?:

“PETA has asked Pet Shop Boys to change their name to Rescue Shelter Boys.” I guess to encourage people to adopt from rescue shelters instead of buying from pet shops.

The First Family’s White House dog is coming next month:

Speaking of new pets, the Obama family has picked a Portuguese water dog puppy to live with them in the White House, and like the President himself, it’s a mix of black and white.

Meet Jasmine, the rescue dog who has become a surrogate mother for the 50th time:

Interspecies friendships are my absolutest favoritest thingest in the whole worldest, and the story of Jasmine the Greyhound has them with bells on.

“When Jasmine the abandoned greyhound arrived at a wildlife sanctuary shivering and desperate for food, she needed all the love in the world to nurse her back to full health. Now it appears the kindness and patience shown to her has rubbed off – for the rescue dog has become a surrogate mother for the 50th time.”

Let’s wrap up the dog post with Porter 9-Volt, the musically inclined canine. He performs a quick composition entitled “bow-wow-ruff-ruff.”

This dog should form a group and call is the Rescue Shelter Boys

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