Iraquis protest, Afghan ‘rape law’, Kerry in Sudan, Iranian nukes, Mex/US corruption, and Aid Workers death numbers

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Iraqis protest on anniversary of staged statue-toppling :

Afghans ‘reworking’ marital rape law:

“OTTAWA – Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon says the Afghan government has assured him it will strike “contentious clauses” from a proposed law allowing men to rape their wives.”

Senator John Kerry leads Senate delegation to Darfur:

“Sudan traditionally had a stormy relationship with the United States. President Bill Clinton imposed wide-ranging sanctions on the country, accusing it of supporting terrorism. Relations have been strained further by the conflict in Darfur, which both Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush have called genocide.”

Those interested in Darfur should check out this profile of the lead prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, from the World Affairs journal. Thanks for the tip off Elizabeth.

Violence Plagues Aid Crews:

“Soaring violence in Somalia and Afghanistan helped make 2008 the most dangerous year on record for aid workers, with 122 killed while carrying out their work”

Mexican President Felipe Calderon says US corruption fuels drug trade:

The president cautiously admitted that there is a drug problem, but placed most of the blame on his country’s geographic proximity to the world’s largest drug market: the United States. More blame falls on the U.S. as well: for allowing weapons to flow across the border. And Calderon theorizes that U.S. corruption is also partly to blame. He theorizes that if corruption allows drugs on the Mexican side of the border, it also must be true that corruption in the U.S. has something to do with the continuing passage of narcotics into that country.

US Iran To Have Direct Group Talks Over Nuke Program:

“We believe that pursuing very careful engagement on a range of issues that affect our interests and the interests of the world with Iran makes sense,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters. “There is nothing more important than trying to convince Iran to cease its efforts to obtain a nuclear weapon.”

Good news for those of us that don’t want to deal with the hassle of nuclear winter, and as Rethink Afghanistan points out, “US-Iran Thaw Could Bolster Afghanistan Rebuilding Efforts.”

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