BC Election Issues, Faregates for Skytrain, and VDP apologizes for seizing camera

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British Columbia BC-STV Campaign Tops Online Buzz:

What the heck is BC-STV? No, it’s not a disease that you get because you should have used a condom. It’s a type of voting.

I’m glad that it’s getting some alleged online buzz, but I think The Tyee’s Election Reporting Issues fund raising drive is a better indication aboot what voters care aboot.

chart showing contributions donated to reporting on specific issues

British Columbia If faregates make you feel safer, you have been deluded:

There must be an election coming. As usual the rules of propaganda apply. Lie big, lie often and sooner or later it will be accepted as truth.

The investment of $100m in our transit system is welcome – and Smartcards may or may not make travel easier. It all depends on the way they are implemented and the tariff they use. But one thing I will predict with certainty, “Faregates” will not make transit any safer. There are a lot of things that our transit system needs – and gates – despite popular opinion – are simply not going to anything worthwhile. They will raise costs, make transit use more difficult and give rise to even more disputes with staff. They will impact on people with disbailities, people with small children, bulky baggage and bicycles. And fare evasion will continue – just in diferent ways.

British Columbia Vancouver police chief apologizes for press camera seizure:

[Vancouver’s chief of police] Chu said the crime scene in East Vancouver was chaotic and officers could not tell that Payne was a member of the media.

[Photographer Jason] Payne said he was manhandled by police and forced to hand over his camera when he was threatened with arrest.

Chu said officers have since been told they don’t have blanket authority to take cameras from the media or the public, unless they have made an arrest, have a warrant or believe important evidence may be destroyed.

Chu said that when seeking images of crime scenes captured by the media, police know they can track down images later. But with the general public, it may be necessary for police to seize images immediately or risk losing track of valuable evidence.

It looks like the Vancouver Police Department is “clarifying policy”, as the B.C. Civil Liberties Association asked them to, and of course have apologized, which is good. However, Sorry isn’t good enough for everyone and the VDP should remember that citizens are watching Big Brother.

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