BC Vehicle Emmissions, the Zero Waste Challenge, Enviro Groups Clash, UBC Farms, Tree Carbon Capture, and the Carbon Tax

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British Columbia Idling longer than 3 minutes banned in Victoria:

British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell defends Gateway Program:

“Premier Gordon Campbell believes the provincial Gateway Program will result in a reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions across the region.”

Responses to that belief are “absolute nonsense”, “just ludicrous”, “completely insane”, and “a little hard to swallow”.

British Columbia Metro Vancouver Recycles and the Zero Waste Challenge:

“Currently, residents of Metro Vancouver only recycle half of their garbage and solid waste each year.”

British Columbia Transit ridership leaps over 300 million trips in 2008:

“That is a very nice headline to be able to copy. It looks good doesn’t it? It certainly sounds better than “transit ridership increases by less than 3%” – which is also true”

British Columbia BC’s Environmental Groups clash over “run of the river” projects:

“On the one side are people like Rafe Mair, the Save Our Rivers Society, the Wilderness Committee and the Council of Canadians. On the other side are Tzeporah Berman, Mark Jaccard and others pushing the line that building green power sources quickly to replace fossil fuel is essential to reduce our carbon dioxide output.”

British Columbia Urban garden helps grow aboriginal community:

“The project is designed to give aboriginal residents of the city’s Downtown Eastside access to culturally appropriate, nutritious food by growing and preparing fresh garden produce and local, indigenous fare to share and eat. The project is also intended to offer a sense of community.”

British Columbia Mayor Gregor Robertson lends support to UBC Farm, flags peak oil:

Mayor Gregor Robertson again touched on peak oil as an issue when he recorded a video address in support of the UBC Farm.

“In a world with peak oil and accelerating climate change, the importance of local food security has never been greater,” Robertson said in the video shown to farm supporters April 7. “We’ve seen entire civilizations wiped out because of a lack of food security, and it’s going to be really critical in this next phase of human existence that we value the land, the soil, and the people that look after and grow our food. And we’ve got to ensure, particularly in an urban setting, that we’re focused on a good solid locally-based food system. UBC Farm is a critical piece of that.”

British Columbia B.C.’s tree-planting carbon-offset plan doesn’t sit well with environmentalists:

Nicholas Heap of the Vancouver-based David Suzuki Foundation is critical of carbon credit schemes based on tree planting. It can take decades for the trees to grow enough to make a difference, he said, and the trees will eventually rot and release the greenhouse gas back into the atmosphere.

“Environmentalists like ourselves have been talking about the wonderful myriad benefits of trees and planting forests,” Heap said. “But when you’re planting trees primarily or only as a carbon offset, we’re not playing to the greatest strength of trees. There are other means of producing offsets that actually out-compete planting forests.”

British Columbia James promises NDP will scrap carbon tax if elected:

“[Premier Gordon] Campbell’s gas tax is unfair, it doesn’t work, and it comes at the worst possible time for B.C.’s economy. Eliminating the gas tax makes it easier to balance the family chequebook and provides B.C. with a needed economic stimulus,” said James.

B.C.’s controversial carbon tax, or gas tax as James call it, taxes fossil fuels as part of a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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