Solar Power, Maple Syrup, Phospate Bans, and Tar Sands

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Florida Florida to get first solar-powered city:

Canada United States Climate Change threatens Maple Syrup Production:


Ontario Ontario targets companies’ use of toxic chemicals:

Alberta Alberta Budgets for Climate Change:

“The Alberta Government announced its 2009 Budget yesterday. Reading through the many pages of the document, it is clear that climate change is a priority for both the Department of Energy and for Alberta Environment.”

“Much of the pollution that we’re exposed to doesn’t come out of a smokestack. Quite a bit of it is in products themselves — things that are common every day items, in many cases that are found around the home,”

Alberta Shell Oil fails to do the impossible despite promises:

Shell reneged on a legal commitment to reduce carbon emissions for a massive $13.7 billion tar sands expansion down to those of conventional oil. Now why would Shell do that? Perhaps because it can’t be done.

Tar sands emissions are at least three times those of conventional oil and likely to rise as near-surface deposits are exhausted. So-called carbon capture and storage (CCS) for the tar sands have been panned both by experts and the marketplace. The Alberta and Canadian governments have been told it won’t work but that has not stopped them from plowing $500,000 a year into Washington-based lobbying.

Washington State “Wash”ington State has a ban on phosphates:

With 12 states — including Washington — phasing in low-phosphate laws by the end of next year and four others considering them, industry officials say they are gearing up to produce a new generation of products that will clean dishes while not harming lakes and streams. (The California Legislature passed a phosphate law last year, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed it.)

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