Science Experiments, no Vanity Fair Green Issue, Gaz Guzzlers, Food Crisis, and Africa e-waste

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United States 10 Important Atmospheric Science Experiments:

“From air, space, and deep in a forest, scientists air out climate models with lab and field work.”

United States Obama climate pledges get cautious EU welcome:

“Obama’s Democrats launched a sweeping effort last week to control greenhouse gas emissions in the latest attempt by Congress to bring the United States into a global effort to tackle climate change. EU officials have welcomed the plan but some say it does not go far enough.”

United States Vanity Fair Scraps Annual “Green Issue”:

For the first time in three years, Vanity Fair won’t print a “green” issue dedicated to the environment, The Independent reports.

Conde Nast, the publisher of Vanity Fair, claims that environmental issues are so ingrained in the news that a dedicated issue is unnecessary. Perhaps, but some fear that with the global economy in meltdown, people aren’t as worried about the environment as they were during the boom years.

New York State Gas guzzlers dominate New York auto show:

“Maybe Obama didn’t fire enough management. They don’t get it and probably never will. You have to wonder about the consumers as well who will be the first begging for oil drilling in Florida or Alaska at the first gas price increase.” In related news, Chrysler debuts its only new car and it’s an SUV.

Africa ‘Serious contamination’ threat from Africa’s mounting e-waste:

“The irony is that many of these electronics were discarded by their original owners in the West for recycling.”

world A permanent food crisis?:

The world faces a permanent food crisis and global instability unless countries act now to feed a surging population by doubling agricultural output, a report drafted for ministers of the Group of Eight nations has warned.

The policy document, prepared by the G8’s Italian presidency for its first ministerial meeting on agriculture and seen by the Financial Times, says “immediate interventions” are needed.

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