BC Innovators, Enhanced IDs, the World Police and Fire Games, New Housing for Seniors, Britney Spears, Back Door Recovery, and the Metro Beetle Invasion

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British Columbia BCBUSINESSONLINE.ca lists 10 BC companies that have produced a profound change for the better:

British Columbia Enhanced IDs available soon:

“B.C. residents will soon be able to apply for an enhanced driver’s licence, a new document that will be accepted as identification when entering the U.S. at land and water crossings. It will be available from ICBC, and serve as an alternative to a passport. The province is also offering an enhanced identification card for people who don’t drive.”

British Columbia Feds announce funding for Vancouver’s World Police and Fire Games:

“the WPFG—the third largest sporting event in the world—will “see $50 million injected into British Columbia’s economy” and will help stimulate local tourism.”

British Columbia Premier promises 1000 new rental units for BC seniors:

“New houses are set to go up in 19 small communities scattered mostly across northern and interior B.C. Many homes will be prefabricated and funding will be split equally between provincial and federal coffers. […] The premier noted several times the project will use B.C. wood and employ local labour.”

British Columbia Britney Spears tells Vancouver to not smoke weed:

She then drunkenly flashed her vag and shaved her head.

British Columbia Beetle invasion overwhelms pest control:

“The extensive damage to lawns comes mainly from raccoons, crows, skunks and starlings that dig into and rip up sod in their attempts to reach the chafer beetle larvae and grubs, which are laid in January through March.”

British Columbia Alberta is not “The West”; don’t lump us all in together!:

British Columbia Unique recovery house opens one Last Door:

the Last Door, a facility so named because if you fail at recovery here you are probably going to die. The Last Door Recovery Centre is an addict’s last chance, and the successful model they’ve built for addicts seeking recovery could be a blueprint for other drug programs in Canada. Whatever they are doing at the Last Door seems to work.

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