Cancer News from Nova Scotia, Russia, and Japan

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Medical MondayThis is the second of five articles for Medical Monday, April 13 2009.

  1. General medical news in Canada.
  2. News related to Cancer treatment.
  3. International Medical News.
  4. Mental Disabilities raves and rant
  5. News and developments for people with Physical Disabilities.

Nova Scotia Scientists Discover Cancer Stem Cells Killed By Common Virus:

Cancer stem cells are very difficult to kill because they respond badly to radiation and chemotherapy.

Regular cancer cells in a tumor can be killed, but the disease will always come back if there are cancer stem cells present.

The researchers have recently found that human retrovirus, which is a common virus that does not cause disease, targets and kills cancer stem cells in breast cancer tissue. This virus selectively infects and kills cancer cells without causing harm to healthy cells.

Japan Radioactive Hot Spring Leaves Guests Glowing – With Good Health:

Concentrations of Uranium and Radium happen to be above average in the rocks around Yawaragi no Yu, and in the years after the spa opened in 1914 some association was made between the radiation and the reports of improved health relayed back from visitors who stayed at the onsen. Radiation levels are monitored regularly by onsen staff, it should be said, to ensure they fall within government-set safety standards.

Yawaragi no Yu has now made national headlines as it’s become known that Nanako Murakami, an 8-year-old girl who has suffered from recurring neuroblastoma (the most common form of childhood brain cancer) nearly her entire life, has been visiting the onsen.

Russia Russian Doctors Suggest (smaller) Hadron Collider Can Cure Cancer:

Deputy head of the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Russian Sciences Academy, Yevgeny Levichev, said:

“The accelerator we are currently building is similar to the Large Hadron Collider they have in Switzerland. The only difference is the size; the large Collider is 30 km long, while our device is only 800 meters (2,624 feet?) in circumference. Still, this is the same accelerating machine with elementary particles moving in an orbit. Up to 2,000 cancer patients can be cured annually by a Hadron Collider-based device… The treatment process involves focusing the flow of protons, accelerated to the speed of light, into a hair-thin ray, and directing it at the tumor. The elementary particles will only destroy cancer cells, without harming the healthy ones.”

Researchers have dubbed this device an “ionic scalpel.”

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