Disability Association/ Treatment in BC and AB, PTSD Diagnosis, and Ignoring Mental Illness

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Medical MondayThis is the fourth of five articles for Medical Monday, April 13 2009.

  1. General medical news in Canada.
  2. News related to Cancer treatment.
  3. International Medical News.
  4. Mental Disabilities raves and rant
  5. News and developments for people with Physical Disabilities.

British Columbia Developmental Disabilities Association Visit:

“The three most common examples of developmental disabilities are: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Cerebral Palsy and Down’s Syndrome. “Developmental disabilities are generally used to describe life-long impairments that are attributable to mental and/or physical disabilities.” The DDA provides programs and facilities for infants, children, adults, seniors as well as family support. ”

Alberta Alberta clinic provides new hope for parents of autistic children:

Behavioral interventionist therapist Deanna Saunders explains that the intense treatment is the only one empirically proven to work — with 50 years of collected data supporting the interventionist methods.

“We’re working one-on-one with the children exposing them to a lot of repetition. We teach primarily through prompting or reinforcement,” she said.

Therapists use a combination of structured exercises and playful activities to help autistic children develop everything from social and verbal skills to normal interaction and independence.

Colorado “I am under a lot of pressure to not diagnose PTSD”:

Colorado – Army psychologist Douglas McNinch was inadvertently caught on tape by his patient, “Sgt. X,” explaining that he and other Army clinicians were “being pressured to not diagnose PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder] and diagnose anxiety disorder NOS [instead],” and revealing that the Army’s medical boards were rejecting “his diagnoses of PTSD, saying soldiers had not seen enough trauma to have ‘serious PTSD issues’.”

Why the discouragement from correctly diagnosing PTSD? Money, of course.

United States Why is mental illness not mentioned in recent US stories of multiple killings?:

What is missing in each of these reports of recent killings is as any mention of mental illness. What’s the meaning of this hole in the reporting? Why is mental illness something that is unspeakable or is transmuted into its opposite: a man just dealing with unemployment, a man just dealing with infidelity, a man just dealing with the current economic crisis? Meaning, these killers were only dealing with normal problems and nothing else. As a consequence, there is no real difference between the killers and any other person in society. Why this insistence on normality and this resistance to causes that might be medical or biological?


as long we refuse to take mental health seriously (or treat it scientifically), we will keep wondering why “normal” individuals would do such horrible things.

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