The Eyeborg, Hand Camp, the GlideCycle, Protests by the Blind, and Innovations by Students to help the disabled

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Medical MondayThis is the last of five articles for Medical Monday, April 13 2009.

  1. General medical news in Canada.
  2. News related to Cancer treatment.
  3. International Medical News.
  4. Mental Disabilities raves and rant
  5. News and developments for people with Physical Disabilities.

United Kingdom The Eyeborg:

“Spence, who calls himself the “eyeborg,” is the latest example of the convergence of human and machine. No longer restricted to the realm of sci-fi novels and movies, technology is increasingly being integrated into the living body.”

Florida Florida Hand Camp gives kids a chance to play — away from stares:

And it’s free! “Each year, Dr. Paul Dell and his wife, Ruthie, host Hand Camp, a refuge for children and teens with upper-limb abnormalities.

Campers get to try arts and crafts, archery, and rope climbing in an environment away from teasing.”

the GlideCycleOregon Oregon – GlideCycle Allows the Disabled to Bike:

“While this bike looks like fun for the average bicyclist, it offers a particular advantage for injured and disabled riders and is even pitched as a form of physical therapy. ”

British Columbia Disabled Burnaby man’s right to travel alone challenged by Air Canada:

“The dispute between Air Canada and Morten began five years ago, when he unsuccessfully tried to book a flight from Vancouver to San Francisco without being accompanied by an assistant. He says he was “disempowered” by the rebuff and that he should not have to shoulder the cost of hiring an attendant. While Air Canada policy has recently changed to permit attendants to travel for free domestically, the concession does not apply to international travel.”

New York State NY City – Disability Access Activists Gather to Protest Kindle DRM:

Yesterday, hundreds of people gathered in front of the headquarters of The Authors Guild in New York City to protest the removal of text-to-speech capabilities in Amazon’s new Kindle 2 ebook device.

You may remember a few months ago, when The Authors Guild claimed (falsely) that the text-to-speech feature violated copyright law, and forced Amazon to disable it.

Australia Australian Student Creates ‘Boomer’ Mobility Aid That Climbs/Descends Stairs:

“Most walkers are useless for getting up and down stairs. But the Boomer actively aids the process instead of hampering it. Designed for stability when walking, Boomer’s four wheels roll forward or backward on the ground, but when you mount or descend stairs, a push of a button raises the front wheels, and just the back wheels negotiate the stairs. You can lean your weight on the frame to steady you, while the back wheels move up and down to assist your climb.”

And speaking of innovative students ….

United States 10 Winning Science Fair Projects That Will Make You Feel Dumb:

The first three are new devices to help the deaf, the blind, and people with muscular dystrophy.

Previous Disability News:


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