Robot Children, Robot Researchers, Robot Pirate Deterrent, Robot Mind Readers!

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tech talk Tuesdayrobot edition
Using Virtual Stomachs to Regurgitate the Mysteries of Digestion:
Well, this first one is not actually a robot, it’s just a virtual stomach on a computer. But hey, robotic digestive systems have to start somewhere, eh?

“What can computational fluid dynamics teach us about the biggest gap in the science of nutrition?” “third in a series of six features on the science of food, running daily from March 30 through April 6, 2009.”

‘Adam’ first machine to independently “discovered new scientific knowledge”:

“It has already identified the role of several genes in yeast cells, and is able to plan further experiments to test its own hypotheses.”

‘Adam’? What kind of name is that for a robot? Don’t those nerds at Aberystwyth University know that all robot names are supposed to begin with ‘R’. Let’s see, this is a robot researcher … how aboot … Researchatron!

Child Robot With Biomimetic Body Learns Social Skills:

“Meet CB2, aka, Child-Robot with Biomimetic Body. He is watching your every facial expression, interpreting, assimilating. You touch him tenderly while you smile; he assimilates the combined expressions. He’s a two-year old robot and he’s doing almost everything a two-year-old child does.”

Uhhh, another terrible robot name. Let’s see, … it’s a child robot … how aboot …. The RugRat 3000-B2. Yes! Awesome!

Honda demonstrates mind-reading robotic technology:

I guess I can pass on the robot name ‘Asimo’, but only because it reminds me of ‘Astroboy’. There’s a 3:30 minute video from Honda to introduce the new technology, which they admit is still a long way from practical application. The 40 second video below skips straight to the brain-control action.

Russia Russia unveils new anti-piracy weapon:
The number of pirate attacks along the east coast of Africa, specifically around the Gulf of Aden, has increased dramatically. Perhaps you’ve heard aboot this week’s Somalia Pirates saga involving a US freighter.
Engineers in Russia have developed a new weapon that uses water to ward off pirate boats. That robot should definitely have a name that starts with Rrrrrrr.

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