Youth Abuse, Suicide, and Smoking, Broken Welfare, Homeless Murder, BC Election Issues, and the morality of an Abbotsford farmboy

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British Columbia Youth abuse in B.C. on the rise, suicide attempts drop:

“there has also been a decrease in teen smoking and drinking, which she attributed to public-health advertising and education.”

British Columbia BC’s Badly Broken Welfare System:

“We think the increases in homelessness are directly attributable to the problems identified in this report,” Khan said. Had the Liberals fixed these problems years ago, or not created them in the first place, she said, “There’s no way we could have seen the levels of homelessness we see now.”

British Columbia Homeless man’s murder prompts calls for housing:

“A disabled homeless man found murdered in an East Vancouver playground might still be alive if there were enough shelters nearby, say some politicians who live in the neighbourhood.”

British Columbia Three independent candidates explain why they’ve rejected BC’s party politics:

Crawford Kilian @ The Tyee profiles three independents who might be candidates for the Liberals or NDP, but who a prefer to “run against the system”.

British Columbia A major mistake by B.C.’s NDP:

Had the NDP not run on such a hard-line position against the carbon tax – say, calling for a panel of eminent people to review the tax after the election – they could have kept the issue environment on trust and integrity and possibly won a victory through better turnout and voter mobilization.

Instead, they got cute and played against type, leaving themselves vulnerable to charges of taking voters for fools.

The opportunity is there to turn Carole James into another John Tory: defeated by a patronizing and cynical pledge they thought would win them votes.

British Columbia Vancouver Event: A Vote for STV is a Vote for Women:

Expert panel discussion April 17, 12:00 – 1:00 pm, YWCA Welch Room, 535 Hornby St.

Ever wonder why we elect so few women? A paltry 24% of BC MLAs are women. Voters aren’t the problem – British Columbians are just as likely to vote for women as they are for men.

What we lack are enough women candidates. There are many factors that make it difficult or unappealing for women to run. However, even if we want to run, our current electoral system places barriers in our way.

First Past the Post has the worst record on women’s representation of any electoral system. Fortunately we can get rid of these structural barriers by voting for BC-STV in the May 12th referendum. Come for lunch and find out more.

Also, Try Voting in a BC-STV Election:, and check out my previous posts for explanations and examples of how Single Transferable Voting works.

British Columbia Abbotsford ‘a hotbed for marijuana drug trafficking,’ lawyer tells U.S. court:

A law-abiding Fraser Valley farm boy was lured into the cross-border drug trade because he found himself living in “a hotbed for marijuana drug trafficking,” his lawyer claims in U.S. court documents.

Robert Leen said trucker Richard Jansen didn’t aspire to belong to an international drug smuggling ring, but that everyone around him growing up in Abbotsford got involved in the illicit industry.

I don’t know the defendant, or anything aboot him, so I can’t say whether or not he is moral. But I will say that it has always struck me as odd that farmers are considered to be inherently moral. To steal a line from Bill Maher, “What is it about having a big garden that makes you moral?”

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