Good News: Gay Marriage, Jamacia Protest, and Gay Refugee Claimant taken seriously

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Gay WednesdayThis is the first of three posts for Gay Wednesday, April 15th 2009:

  1. Gay Wednesday I – The Good News
  2. Gay Wednesday II – The Bad News
  3. Gay Wednesday III – The ‘thou shalt not bear false witness’ News

New York State Maine Next on the gay marriage docket: New York and Maine:

New York State Today: Jamaica Protest At NYC’s Historic Stonewall Inn:

“LGBT activists will gather at NYC’s historic Stonewall Inn on Wednesday at 6:30PM to protest the treatment of gay people in Jamaica. In a show of solidarity, Stonewall’s owners will pour their stock of Myer’s Rum and Red Stripe beer into the gutter of Christopher Street.”

Washington State Washington State Legislature OKs transgender hate-crime protection:

Lawmakers who supported the change said broadening hate-crime protections was a matter of fairness and justice. Rep. Chris Hurst, D-Enumclaw, said the state has a duty to defend people who are targeted solely because of who they are.

“If we do not defend the rights of those individuals, we defend the rights of no one,” said Hurst, a former police officer.

New York State NYC officials want gay marriages counted in census:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the City Council speaker are urging federal census officials to include same-sex marriages in the 2010 count, an issue that has taken on greater significance in recent weeks as more gay couples are being allowed to marry.

The federal law banning gay marriage bars the agency from counting same-sex marriages, the Census Bureau says, even though they are legal in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and, most recently, Vermont and Iowa

Canada Landmark refugee ruling for gays:

A refugee claimant from Vietnam has been granted permission to stay in Canada to avoid persecution in his home country. “Twenty-eight-year-old Tam has never been threatened, beaten or thrown in jail for being gay. In his home country of Vietnam homosexuality isn’t illegal. It isn’t mentioned in any law. In fact, it’s rarely mentioned at all. But the Toronto student, who applied for refugee status in 2006, says gay and lesbian people there are still punished for being themselves.” Tam, and other gay and lesbians can have a “normal” life in Vietnam as long as they are willing to be something that they are not.

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada concluded that it is “unfair to expect Tam to hide his sexual orientation in return for a normal life”.

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