Russian Propaganda, Biased Cell Phone Samples, and a Canadian Wedge Issue

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Critical Thinking ThursdayArticle One of Two for Thursday April 16, 2009

Russia Propaganda Report – Kremlin “think tank” creates fake NGO, then brags about it:

Sweden United Kingdom Biased Samples endanger the young:

Critics of these scary studies cite contradictory 2006 British research, which suggested that cellphone use is safe. But that report may have been skewed: according to a news story from that year in The Independent, the youthful population was “omitted from a massive ?3.1 million British investigation of the risks of cancer from using mobile phones… even though the official Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) Program–which is conducting it–admits that the issue is of the highest priority.”

News consumers are entitled to suspect there’s something very wrong with basic research when well-funded, well-educated “experts” can disagree so fundamentally on a major issue of public health.

Behold: a wedge issue:wedgie

When there’s no significant ideological divide between our two biggest parties on the most pressing questions facing the country, there’s an inclination to reinvigorate their bases by playing up their differences on vastly less pressing ones.

And so it is that the federal gun registry – almost certain to remain intact – emerges as the first matter on which the Michael Ignatieff-led Liberals are prepared to vote against the government.

Good for ensuring rural Conservative voters will be motivated to vote in the next election. Good for raising Liberal fundraising dollars in downtown Toronto. Not so good for those of us hoping that the blurring of ideological lines might compel our leaders to get a little more creative.

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