Criticism of Carbon Capture and Biofuels, Bad News aboot Forests, Tentative Good News aboot Emissions

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Canada Carbon Capture and Storage – critics say there are geological risks, and it’s a waste of taxpayers’ money:

“Carbon capture and storage of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions is still 12 to 20 years from being commercialized, but it’s being oversold as a panacea and a silver bullet.”

World Farming biofuels produces nitrous oxide. This is bad for climate change:

From The Economist“The [International Council for Science ] report concludes that, so far, the production of biofuels has aggravated rather than ameliorated global warming”.

Canada Forests could be carbon foes:

The world’s forests have long been considered our ally in the fight against climate change. But a report by the International Union of Forest Research Organizations warns that the boreal forest, which covers vast stretches of Canada, could soon work against us.

Scientists say that forests of all kinds, which currently absorb about 25% of all carbon emissions, will be in no shape to perform that critical carbon-regulating service if the planet heats up 2.5 C — which could occur this century if emissions are not substantially reduced.

That makes discombobulated tree feel discombobulated.

World Study: Emissions cuts can tame global warming:

“The threat of global warming can still be greatly diminished, if nations cut emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases by 70 percent this century, according to a new analysis,” according to an NCAR statement. “While global temperatures would rise, the most dangerous potential aspects of climate change, including massive losses of Arctic sea ice and permafrost and significant sea level rise, could be partially avoided.”

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