GST, Indian Affairs, The monarchy, US-Can Softwood, Our pledge to Africa, and Former White House Men to pitch Canada

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Canada Study says Cdns would have been better off if GST had not been cut:

Canada Clock ticking on legal definition of ‘Indian’:

“Hundreds of thousands of natives could lose status by April 2010, some lawyers say”.

Canada Australia Canadian republicans inspired by Aussie musings about ending monarchy:

The Australian governor general’s recent musings about an end to the monarchy have cheered Canadian republicans, who would like to jump-start a debate in thus country about getting rid of the Queen.

“We hope it’s an idea that will spread,” says Tom Freda, a Toronto businessman and activist who is also national director of Citizens for a Canadian Republic. The group, founded in 2002, seeks to promote discussion about changing the way the country is governed.

I guess not everybody loves the Queen. In fact, some people might say “I Hate the Bloody Queen“.

Canada United States Former White House spokesmen to pitch Canada:

“The PMO is hoping to spread the word about Canada’s strong banking system, its ability to avoid meltdowns seen at U.S. banks, and the importance of Canadian energy to American consumers”.

Michael McCurry, a former press secretary for Bill Clinton, and Ari Fleischer, one of George W. Bush’s press secretaries, will work to secure Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper interviews with U.S. media outlets to discuss Canada, its economic system and its relationship with the United States.

“They are two individuals with experience that is unparalleled in working with the U.S. media,” said Kory Teneycke, communications director for the Prime Minister’s Office. “I think it serves Canada well to have some of the basic facts of our relationship better known in the United States.”

Canada Africa Our pledge to Africa: Lost in red tape?:

In August 2003, the World Trade Organization gave the go-ahead

for countries to override patents to make affordable medicine

for export to countries in need. Keen to burnish its humanitarian reputation, Canada scrambled to be the first to test the policy,

and Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime (CAMR) was born. [big snip] Canada had become the first country to make use of the WTO loophole — would it save any lives?

“This week, Senator Yoine Goldstein will rise in the Red Chamber for one of the last times in his career, and ask his fellow Senators to fix a bad law”.

The Harper government and brand-name pharmaceutical companies say the law is fine just the way it is, but legal experts and access-to-medicine campaigners say CAMR created a process so laden with red tape and time-wasting regulatory steps that it was doomed from the start. Now Senator Goldstein has taken up the cause. In his last private member’s bill before retiring, he is asking Parliament to fix what he — and many others — say is wrong with CAMR.

Canada United States U.S.-Canada softwood deal raises it’s ugly head again:

“The softwood lumber agreement signed in 2006 was supposed to bring long-standing peace to one of the most contentious areas in the trade relationship between the two countries, but has been ill-starred from the beginning”.

The United States is slapping a 10 per cent duty on Canadian imports of softwood lumber from four provinces in a new test of the 2006 softwood lumber agreement.

The United States Trade Representative said it is owed US$54.8 million in penalties from Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan for failing to sufficiently lower exports of lumber as prices dropped.

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