Catholics versus Gays, Obama, and Adoption; Benevolent Italian Jews; Alberta’s Creationist Museum; and Saudi Religious police apologize for kissing arrest

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Sunday Religion Roundup

Welcome to the belated edition of Sunday Religion Roundup for Sunday April 19th, 2009, sheepishly posted on Monday April 20th.

I would have posted it yesterday, but I was too busy … um … praying. Yeah, praying, that’s the ticket.

Alberta Alberta has a Creationist Museum:

Big Valley Creation Science Museum
Built from the foundations up, for the glory of the Creator,
to display the evidence of his handiwork and refute the lie of evolution.

Please leave all food, drinks, and brains at the door.

United Church Atheist wins right to have baptism annulled:
“An atheist has won the right to have his baptism removed from Church of England records after claiming he was too young to give his consent to the ceremony.”

Canada Libs Reaching Out to Religious Right?:

With Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals leading in the polls, I had begun to think that my work monitoring the religious right might be reaching an unexpected end. The Liberals are not well known as a party receptive to religious views, after all, despite their solid roots in the Roman Catholic Church. However, there are signs emerging that my fears were misplaced. Indeed, Ignatieff, through his social conservative MP John McKay, seems now to be reaching out to the Christian right.

Canada And they may not have to reach very far considering that Most Canadians believe country ‘a Christian nation’:

a new poll reveals the majority — including nearly half of those who don’t believe in God — think Canada is “essentially a Christian nation.”

The survey, conducted for Canwest News Service and Global National, found roughly six in 10 Canadians (58 per cent) identified the country as Christian. Among those who believe in God, 61 per cent think Canada is a Christian nation, while fully 48 per cent of non-believers feel that way.

pie chart showing overwhelming numbers of Christians in the USI hope that we don’t end up with the same situation as in the states, where loud mouth Christian claim that they’re being persecuted for their beliefs. It could happen though:

“Although 80 per cent of Canadians think ‘proper tolerance’ is given to those who wish to practise religions other than Christianity, fully four in 10 don’t think Christians are given those same allowances by other faiths”.

United States US religious Right concedes defeat:

But then there’s some good news too: “America’s religious Right has conceded that the election of US President Barack Obama has sealed its defeat in the cultural war with permissiveness and secularism”. Thanks for the tip off Joe

Leading evangelicals have admitted that their association with George W. Bush has not only hurt the cause of social conservatives but contributed to the failure of the key objectives of their 30-year struggle.

James Dobson, 72, who resigned recently as head of Focus on the Family – one of the largest Christian groups in the country – and once denounced the Harry Potter books as witchcraft, acknowledged the dramatic reverse for the religious Right in a farewell speech to staff.

“We tried to defend the unborn child, the dignity of the family, but it was a holding action,” he said. “We are awash in evil and the battle is still to be waged. We are right now in the most discouraging period of that long conflict. Humanly speaking, we can say we have lost all those battles.”

United States Hypocritical Backlash against Obama giving commencement speech at Notre Dame:

“The Catholics leaders are having a hissy fit because Obama is going to give the commencement speech at Notre Dame”. Catholic Leaders, like a lot of other people, don’t like Obama because he is pro-choice, and, you know every sperm is sacred and all that.

A university like Notre Dame, with it’s long Catholic history, shouldn’t allow someone who promotes death to give the commencement speech, or even set foot on the campus for that matter.

And yet, Catholic leaders welcomed Bush at Notre Dame even after he personally allowed 152 people to die.

United States Pope Investigating US Catholic Sisters For Not Holding Vatican Line On Homosexuality:

“The [Leadership Conference of Women Religious] said it was confident going into the investigation, saying it believed it had been faithful to its mission of serving leaders of women’s orders ‘as they seek to further the mission of Christ in today’s world’.”

I hope they said it all snarky like – “cha! tell that queen at the Vatican that we seek to further the mission of Christ in today’s world”

United Kingdom UK: Catholic Adoption Agencies Break From Church To Comply With Pro-Gay Laws:

Five of the largest adoption agencies in the UK have broken their official ties to the Catholic Church in order to comply with gay rights laws and continue to receive government funding. The situation has caused an outcry in American religious circles as an example of religious persecution headed for American shores.

United States Listen My Homos And You Shall Hear:
The Mormons are Coming
Californians Against Hate have launched a six-state online ad campaign to let everybody know that NOM, the National Organization for Marriage, is a front group for the Mormon Church. “Banners ads will appear on the capital city hometown papers of states currently in play for marriage equality: NY, NJ, DE, ME, NH, and RI”.

Italy Italian Jews Give Back to Earthquake Victims Who Helped During WWII:

More than 65 years after villagers provided shelter to Italian Jews fleeing from the Nazis, a group of those who evaded capture rushed to repay that sacrifice in rural communities hard-hit by an earthquake.

A delegation of around 20 elderly Jews and their descendants _ as well as community leaders _ made their way to makeshift camps in the area around the mountain city of L’Aquila on Monday, peering into tents in a bid to find their saviors.

They offered everything from gym shoes to summer camps for children.”I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for these people,” said Alberto Di Consiglio, whose parents were sheltered in the small hamlets of Fossa and Casentino during the war. “We have to help them.”

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia – Religious police apologise for controversial kiss arrest:

The apology is the first public act by the newly appointed head of the religious police, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al Humane, who replaced the more conservative head, Sheikh Ibrahim al Ghaith, in February following a government reshuffle.
“The apology is a triumph for society over an apparatus that sees itself as above the law and above suspicion,” Mr al Zulfah said.

scene from American Dad, Stan of Arabia: part twoDude got beat down for kissing his wife in public. An apology sound like a baby step in the right direction, but the guy had serious connections. I doubt that the apology would have happened otherwise.

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