Female Commander, Bridges completed ahead of schedule, accidentally selling body armour, Cambie block party, HMCS Winnipeg guards against pirates, and Waking Up Canadian

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Canada Commander becomes first woman at helm of Canadian warship:

British Columbia Campbell sez Port Mann bridge will open 1 year early:

“He also announced the new Pitt River Bridge will open to traffic in the fall ahead of its original launch target of next spring.”

British Columbia Almost a third of UBC medical students are ESL:

I can believe that. When I worked as a tutor @ Douglas College, almost all of my students were ESL. I don’t want to make any sweeping generalizations, but most of them worked so damn hard on their English on top of all the work they had to do for their classes. I hope that UBC is giving them the support that they need.

British Columbia Woops! BC govn. puts bullet proof vests up for auction:

B.C. government officials scrambled Friday to notify all ministries of a new policy against selling off surplus body armour after two bullet-proof vests were put up for bid on the B.C. Auction website this week.

Solicitor-General John van Dongen admitted he was a little embarrassed to learn of the posted vest ads, given his government’s high-profile anti-gang campaign, which includes a new law limiting the sale of body armour.

British Columbia Cambie All Access Street Party:

To celebrate the re-opening of the street that felt the pains of the “cut and cover” construction there will be a street party April 25th and everyone is invited to participate in this free event.

When Saturday April 25th from 11:00am to 5:00pm
What Free concert with 54-40
Where Outside of Best Buy (at 6th and Cambie) and up to Broadway
More info Rock 101 will be there and you can learn more on the Best Buy website.

Rumour has it Fin from the Vancouver Canucks will stop by, 54-40 will sign autographs, there will be video game tents and fun activities for the entire family. Save-on-Foods will supply the hotdogs and businesses from Canadian Tire to Original Joes will have swag, product demos, and live music.

Canada Canadian warship will escort aid boat through pirate-infested waters:HMCS Winnipeg

HMCS Winnipeg is already in the region participating in a NATO-led counter-piracy mission known as Operation Allied Protector, part of an effort by the international community to restore safety to a major shipping lane that passes by the Horn of Africa.

Piracy is rampant around the coast of Somalia, which has not had a functioning government for 18 years. There were 115 reported pirate attacks last year, each demanding an average ransom of $1.5 million, according to the Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute.

Canada Changes to Canada’s citizenship laws:

Under the new law citizenship is restored to:
People who:

  • became citizens when the first citizenship act took effect on January 1, 1947, including people born in Canada prior to 1947 and war brides. It also applies to other British subjects who had lived in Canada for at least five years before 1947, became citizens on January 1, 1947, and who then lost citizenship.

It also restores citizenship to people who:

  • were born in Canada or who became Canadian citizens on or after January 1, 1947, and who then lost their citizenship and
  • were born outside Canada, on or after January 1, 1947, in the first generation born abroad, to a Canadian citizen.

The law also gives citizenship to some people who have never been citizens. This includes people who:

  • were born outside Canada on or after January 1, 1947
  • are in the first generation born abroad and
  • were born to a Canadian citizen.

Read more at about who woke up Canadian yesterday at Citizenship and Immigration Canada

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