BC candidate withdraws over Facebook photos, BC voters choose reporting topics, and Gordy jumps into a pit of foamies

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British Columbia The Ray Lam photos: How to ensure no normal people under 35 seek office:Ray Lam coping a feel

To anyone familiar with Facebook, Ray Lam’s pictures are pretty tame.

Imagine if Bill Clinton had grown up in the 21st century, and had his early adult years recorded by every passing cellphone camera. He’d never have become president. Pierre Trudeau likely would have been barred from the PMO. And Barack Obama? Forget about it.

If you’re not familiar with the issue, last week Ray Lam withdrew as a B.C. NDP candidate over “inappropriate” Facebook photos.

British Columbia What do BC voters care aboot?:

“We wondered if you might want to contribute some funding to help The Tyee do a better job of covering the 2009 provincial election now underway. We asked you to tell us which issues mattered most to you, promised to put your donation towards that area of reporting, set a target of $5,000 … and then we crossed our fingers.”


British Columbia Friends insist that Campbell is personable, funny and even goofy:
Gordon Campbell jumping into a ball pit

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