Border problems in US and Canada, Gay Israel vs. Iran, and Bigots demand tolerance

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Gay Wednesday

OK technically it’s Thursday, but the sun hasn’t quite come over the mountains yet, so it still counts.

United States Poz Brits Still Blocked From Entering U.S. :

“The Terrance Higgins Trust, England’s largest HIV charity, is claiming that HIV-positive Brits are still being turned away at United States border control checkpoints even though they have filled out a special online waiver form.”

Israel Israel To Use Gay Rights In PR Campaign Against Iran:

Israel plans to use the plight of gays in Iran as part of their campaign to whip up international condemnation of Tehran’s government.

California Bigots claim that their views should be tolerated:

Anti-gay hater Karen England and the Capitol Resource Institute are upset about the phone calls and emails you sent them about their Day Of Silence walkout plans, citing them as examples of gay intolerance. Because people are supposed be tolerant of bigotry.

Canada Porn star Michael Lucas: Canadian border agents are “homophobic”:Michael Lucas

“The unpleasantly bored man started off with the usual questions: What are you doing in Canada, eh? How long will you be here? Then the survey went a little deeper, probing at what I did for a living. What kind of company is it? Is it softcore or hardcore? His obnoxiously tired act turned abrasive and superior. His agenda at this point was to get my porny ass back to America.”

Lucas says the border agents then picked through his luggage piece-by-piece.

“Of course I had my movies on me, a stack of nude pictures to sign and lube. The essentials,” he wrote. “Homophobia was running rampant with these captors and they were highly offended by said essentials. They questioned why I had so many images that depict me nude — I told them it was for my friends who enjoy my movies.”

Canadian border agents have a history of targeting gays and lesbians at the border. In Jun 2008, Canadian border agents seized a gay couple’s laptop because it contained “questionable material” — gay porn. Vancouver’s Little Sister’s bookstore has also fought a long battle with border officials over unfair seizure of gay and lesbian material.

Lucas says dealing with Canadian customs was like the “Canadian re-envisioning of Guantanamo.”

Angie ZapataColorado Denver transgender murder, hate crime conviction a first:

Throughout the trial, prosecutors referred to Zapata as “she,” while the defense referred to the transgender teen, formerly named Justin Zapata, as “he.”

“When [Andrade] met him, he met him as ‘Angie,’ ” defense attorney Annette Kundelius argued on Wednesday. “When he found out it wasn’t ‘Angie,’ that it was ‘Justin,’ he lost control.” But the jury rejected the argument, deciding in favor of prosecutors, who argued that Andrade knew Zapata was biologically male and that knowledge motivated the crime.

“This was an ambush attack,” said Chief Deputy District Attorney Robb Miller. “This was an all-out blitz.”

Zapata was “born in a boy’s body but living as a female,” added Miller. “Ultimately, she was murdered because of it.” The case has become a rallying point for supporters of the transgender community, who have held vigils and launched Web sites in remembrance of Zapata.

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  1. I never realized that the Canadian border patrol was so strict! It makes me feel ashamed of my country to read this! I thought we were more open minded than our neighbours to the south.

    Also it’s such a shame that that Zapata girl had to die because of a bigot. She was absolutely gorgeous! That is, if that’s her pic in the article, she looks really young, always such a tragedy to lose a young life.

    • The thing about getting things (or people) past the US or Canadian border is that the border agents have so much authority. If one of them has a prejudice, they can make an arbitrary decision and there’s no recourse for the victim.

      If they want justice, they have to go to the trouble and expense of bringing a lawsuit against the US/Can government.

      And of course governments have lots resources to defend themselves with.

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