Van Birds, Van Zebra Deaths, Distressed Seals, and culling the UVic Bunnies

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British Columbia Vancouver zoo Macaw found alive under RV:

“Chuva disappeared from the zoo’s parrot gardens Monday afternoon.Because her wings had been clipped, zoo officials were certain the blue and gold bird hadn’t just flown off. RCMP were called in to investigate.”

blue heronBritish Columbia Don Enright, Naturalist:

Do you like birds? Do you like Vancouver? Do you like birds in Vancouver? Then you might like, by Vancouver naturalist and photographer Don Enright. It’s not all birds, but birds seem to be a high percentage.

Here’s a beautiful picture that he took of a blue heron. It really caught my eye because I see the Stanley Park herons all the time when I’m hackey sacking with my buddies Bunny and Pterodactyl.

British Columbia Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Program:
Have you found a Seal in distress:

Clickity Click the heading for more information and cute pictures too!big eyed seal

If you see a pinniped on land, do not attempt to coax, pull, or push it back into the water. Seals and sea lions are wild animals, and approaching too closely can cause them undue stress. If they feel threatened, they may bite (even small pups!). Keep them and yourself safe by staying back as far as possible (the Canadian Marine Mammal Regulations specify a distance of 100m).

It is also important to keep pets away. Dogs may inflict wounds on marine mammals, and there is a risk of disease transmission between the species.

British Columbia Death of 4 zebras was freak accident: zoo manager:zebra in enclosure

The Greater Vancouver Zoo is calling the sudden death of four zebras two months ago a freak accident nobody could have predicted or prevented.

The zebras died within days of each other after two Cape buffalo were added to their enclosure, officials said.

The general manager of the privately run zoo, Jamie Dorgan, said zebras and Cape buffalo naturally coexist in the wild and the zebra’s panicked reaction was unpredictable.

British Columbia Bunny battle goes ballistic at UVic campus:

Feral rabbits have been the bane of the University of Victoria for years, but now the problem is moving off campus.

No one knows when the first rabbit appeared on campus, but an estimated 1,500 of them currently call it home.

The university has come under pressure to cull the animals by angry neighbours but how that might be accomplished is fuelling a raging debate.
a Uvic bunny
Proponents of the doomsday approach have taken a shine to something called the Rodenator.

The device, according to its U.S. manufacturer, “delivers a precisely measured mixture of propane and oxygen into the tunnel or burrow of invasive pests. This mixture is then detonated by the operator, causing an instantaneous underground shock wave of concussive force that eliminates the pests and in some (species specific) cases collapses some of the existing tunnel structure thus preventing immediate reinfestation.”

Not surprisingly, animal rights advocates are not wild about that option, and university officials have said they plan to try non-lethal approaches first.

British ColumbiaRescued Seal Pup eats a fish and sucks its paw – かわいい !!

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