Cdn drug safety, Germs Winning in BC’s Hospitals, Obama shafts MJ dispenser, and “institutional racism” in Cdn medicine?

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Medical Monday

Canada Cut ties between Health Canada, drug companies, grieving MP urges:

United States Democrats Consider Bypassing G.O.P. on Health Care Plan:

Canada Indigenous Physicians Association calls for a review of “institutional racism”:

United States Soft drink makers pit public health advocates against “moderation moms” and “hard-working families”:

“In light of the deaths of three First Nations patients in Manitoba healthcare facilities in the past year, the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada has called for a review of “institutional racism” in medicine across the country”.

Canada Speedy approvals more important to Health Canada than drug safety: report:

“‘I think that there are a lot of well-meaning people within Health Canada who are trying to do a good job. But I think that at the political level, there is not the will to directly confront the drug companies by making changes that would really make a difference,’ Dr. Joel Lexchin, author of the report and a long-time critic of the pharmaceutical industry, said in an interview.”

United States Why are doctors and insurance companies against cancer treatment pills?:

In this NY Times article today, here’s another crazy example of how far behind the US insurance business is with medical treatment. Cancer patients who can be more efficiently treated with pills instead of chemo are refused payment because it’s new. Sure it’s cheaper and easier for patients but some doctors don’t like it because they can’t make commission on pushing chemo. How else are they going to afford their lifestyle if they can’t have a conflict of interest pushing drugs? Patients? Who cares?

British Columbia Germs Winning in BC’s Hospitals:

Since the privatization of cleaning services in B.C.’s hospitals, healthcare workers say they’ve seen a sharp increase in “healthcare-associated infections” — diseases contracted by patients and staff within the hospitals themselves.

The infections are serious: Methicillin-resistant Staph aureus (MRSA). Norovirus. Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE). Clostridium difficile. Once established in a hospital, they’re tough to get rid of. Established in a patient, they can be fatal.

United States Obama hangs Medical Marijuana dispenser oot to dry:

Last month the federal judge in the trial of Charlie Lynch, who was convicted of running a medical marijuana dispensary that was in full compliance with state and local law, asked the DOJ to weigh in before he sentenced Lynch. I said at the time that it sounded like the judge was looking for a little political cover to give Lynch a particularly light sentence. Unfortunately, the Obama DOJ has decided to let Lynch go down in flames.

The response brief they filed to the court’s inquiries is an appalling document. Not only do they not think Lynch should get a light sentence, they proclaim that his conviction is entirely in line with the new administration’s policy on medical marijuana:

Previous Medical News:


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