California Electric Cars, Breakthrough from Singapore, and the G8 Environment Ministers

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Italy Switzerland Glacial Melting Redraws Italian-Swiss Border, Hints at Future Water Wars:

California San Jose’s Electric Car Revolution:

Owning a plug-in hybrid car just got a little easier … if you live in San Jose, Calif., that is. If so, you can now drive your car downtown, park and recharge your battery by plugging into the power supply on a nearby lamppost.

California California Adopts Low-Carbon Fuel Standard:

“Regulators adopt first in nation standards to cut greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuels”carbon footprint

The Air Resources Board‘s 9-1 decision is aimed at achieving a 10 percent reduction in motor vehicles’ emissions of greenhouse gases by 2020 and spurring commercial development of low-carbon fuels like hydrogen and cellulosic ethanol.

United States GM and SAE Team Up to Standardize Electric Vehicle Charging System:many cell phone chargers

Establishing standards and making sure everyone abides by them is not easy task. To help with this, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has set up a task force, currently under the designation of SAE J1772, to design and test a single charging unit that will be used across every platform, regardless of year, make or model.

Singapore Singapore Discovers How To Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Methanol!:CO2 into Methanol

The third smallest sovereign nation in the world has just made an enormous contribution to relieving the world’s debt to the environment. Singapore researchers at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) have discovered how to turn carbon dioxide into methanol…. Double take: They have found a way to make greenhouse gas green. Triple take: They took the biggest contributor to the world’s carbon footprint and converted it into a source of clean energy for the world. Astounding.

Italy G8 Environment Ministers Meeting in Italy – the Agenda:G8 2009

The 2009 G8 Summit will be held on the island of La Maddalena, Italy from July 8 to 10. In the months leading up to the Summit, the host country has organized a series of ministerial meetings, including the G8 Environment Minister’s meeting, which is being hosted by the City of Siracusa on the Sicilian coast, from April 22 – 24.

Climate change and the preservation of biodiversity are the two main issues on the agenda in Syracuse. The goal of the Environment Minister’s meeting is to “send out an important political message on biodiversity and to facilitate dialogue on the issue of climate change ahead of the Copenhagen conference in December of this year, where the debate is going to focus on the world’s “post-Kyoto” setup”.

The agenda for the meeting indicates that discussions with respect to new technologies to foster economic recovery and promote clean energy will be paramount. According to the official website, “the discussion is going to focus on how to promote clean energy technology in order to address the dual challenge of climate change and energy security”.

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