Stonehenge protest, Pope apologizes, Vatican blocks Ron Howard, Crucifixion license plate, and Churchgoers support torture

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Sunday Religion Roundup
Canada Pope expresses sorrow anguish suffered in Canada’s residential schools:

More than 100,000 people attended federal residential schools that were run by the Catholic, Anglican and United churches. The children were removed from their families and were made to suppress their language and culture. Some also suffered physical and sexual abuse.

The United and Anglican churches have previously apologized for residential schools. Prime Minister Stephen Harper also formally apologized in June.

Stewart Phillip, grand chief of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, said the Pope’s statement is “incredibly historic” for Aboriginal people, especially in B.C. where majority of the country’s 130 residential schools were located.

Vatican City Ron Howard Accuses Vatican Of Film Interference:angles and demons book cover

Director Ron Howard claimed Sunday that the Vatican interfered with efforts to get permits to shoot certain scenes of his “Angels & Demons” religious thriller in Rome — a charge the Vatican said was purely a publicity stunt.

The film, which stars Tom Hanks and is based on the best-selling novel by Dan Brown, has its world premiere Monday in Rome.

United States The Catholic Bishops are cranky, but American Catholics aren’t listening :

The Catholic Bishops are still bitching about Notre Dame inviting Obama to its graduation. Because, in the warped world of the American Catholic hierarchy, that’s a big issue. But, the bishops are out of touch with their parishioners:

Florida Florida Reveals Tasteful New License Plate:cruxified Jesus licence plate

Who’s classy now? Florida, again, as always! Here’s the new “vanity plate,” featuring America’s favorite (?) Christian star, Dead Jesus Hanging Off a License Plate With an Orange Behind His Head. This is gonna look sweet with a brass pair of Truck Nutz swingin’ down below. [The Awl]

United States Churchgoers Are More Likely to Support Torture:

More than half of people who attend services at least once a week — 54 percent — said the use of torture against suspected terrorists is “often” or “sometimes” justified. Only 42 percent of people who “seldom or never” go to services agreed, according to the analysis released Wednesday by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

White evangelical Protestants were the religious group most likely to say torture is often or sometimes justified — more than six in 10 supported it. People unaffiliated with any religious organization were least likely to back it. Only four in 10 of them did.

United Kingdom Stonehenge protester King Arthur Pendragon defies eviction order:King Arthur Pendragon at Stonehenge

while it is easy to dismiss Arthur – who grew up as plain John Rothwell – as an eccentric, it is clear that many believe his cause is just. Thousands have signed his petition calling for improvements.

Nevertheless, this week Arthur was forced to appear before court. He wore his robes and dabbed amber oil over himself to ward off evil vibes. The charm did not work and he was told in effect he would have to move.

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