Schwarzenegger wants MJ debate, Phelps/Savage banned from UK, Gitmo prisoners are ‘not persons’, Swine Flu blamed on Immigrants, and the Republican Clown College

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United States US refuses to let jet into its airspace because it is carrying a journalist who criticizes US foreign policy:

United States In Their Own Words: Why Dem Senators Screwed Homeowners:

United States Supreme Court Justice David Souter To Retire:

United States Court rules that Gitmo prisoners are “not persons”:

“Court Agrees with Obama Administration that Detainees Still Have No Constitutional Right Not to Be Tortured”

United States Fake 9/11 Cost $300,000:

“If you have ever wondered how much it costs to make 7 million New Yorkers all shit their pants at the same time, now you know: $300,000, which is actually kind of a bargain”.

United States Swine Flu Outbreak Fuels Immigrant Haters On Wingnut Radio:

“recap of swine flu quotes from wingnut radio blowhards Michael Savage, Neal Boortz, and Glenn Beck.” And speaking of Michael Savage …

United Kingdom Radio Blowhard Michael Savage And Westboro’s Phelps Banned From UK:fred phelps

Fred Waldron Phelps Snr, a 79-year-old American Baptist pastor, and his daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper are barred for their anti-gay comments. Both have picketed the funerals of Aids victims and celebrated the deaths of US soldiers as “punishment” for US tolerance of homosexuality. Talk show host Michael Savage – real name Michael Weiner – is also excluded. His views on immigration, Islam, rape and autism have caused great offence in America.

Thanks for the tip off Joe.

UPDATE: Michael Savage has threatened to sue for defamation.

United States Schwarzenegger: Time To Talk About Legalizing Pot:

Schwarzenegger was asked at a press conference if it was finally time to legalize marijuana.

“No, I think that it’s not time for that, but I think it’s time for a debate,” he said, according to a transcript provided by Schwarzenegger’s office. “And I think that we ought to study very carefully what other countries are doing that have legalized marijuana and other drugs, what affect it had on those countries, and are they happy with that decision.”

The Mexican ambassador to the United States, Arturo Sarukhan, recently called for the United States to hold such a debate to address cartel-related violence. Mexico has decriminalized possession of marijuana but doesn’t tax it.

United States Bush Library Raises $100 Million In 100 Days :Bush carrying Presidents for Dummies

Along with writing a memoir — something Bush has also begun in recent months — financing and building a suitable presidential library has been the initial focus of nearly every President who left the White House since Harry Truman. The historically fast pace of Bush’s fundraising has been all the more remarkable for taking place during a period of economic contraction.

United States Two more officers killed by a right-wing extremist with a military background. But don’t insult our veterans!:

It’s the new political correctness, I gather, not to ever suggest that anyone who’s ever served in the military is ever capable posing a threat to law-enforcement officers or the general public. That was the whole upshot of the recent fake controversy over the DHS report on domestic terrorism .In the meantime, what do you know: Yet another shooting of police officers by an angry and paranoid man with a military background. And just like the last one, this one believed Obama was going to come get his guns

Kenya Kenyan PM’s wife joins “sex boycott”:

Ida Odinga, wife of Kenyan prime minister Raila Odinga, has joined a Lysistrata-like nationwide sex boycott aimed at forcing the countries leaders to overcome a political impasse.

Kenyan women’s groups started the boycott in an effort to end the feud between the factions led by Mr. Odinga and President Mwai Kibaki that has paralyzed Kenya’s government for weeks. Kenya’s Federation of Women Lawyers has urged the wives of both leaders to withold sex from their husbands until the feud is resolved.

United States Republican clown college photos:

Hebiclens / WMxdesign used an image editing program to put clown makeup on the faces of prominent conservatives. I like the pastel color palette he used, as you don’t often see it on clowns.

prominent republicans with clown makeup

I think Peggy Noonan is my favorite. She looks so natural. But where’s Joe the Plumber? Oh, that’s right, he’s no longer a Republican. Whatever will they do without him.

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