Dumpster Sex, Olympic Sealskins, Social Work Stress, Media Restriction, Skytrain Gaffe, Leaky Condos, Ont fights Poverty, and Butching up Figure Skating

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British Columbia Saanich Couple get caught having sex in dumpster:

British Columbia Caseloads, stress bury social workers:

“Nearly two-thirds — 60 per cent — of front-line social workers in British Columbia said they “rarely” or “never” give adequate attention to children and families due to unmanageable caseloads and high stress levels”

Canada Afghanistan NATO slaps restrictions on Canadian media in Kandahar:

“NATO has imposed tough new restrictions on foreign journalists covering the war in southern Afghanistan, changes that could affect how much Canadians see and hear from war-torn Kandahar”. Thanks for the tip off Dave

Ontario ‘Historic’ law compels Ontario to fight poverty:two antlers up

Fighting poverty is now the law in Ontario.

In a unanimous vote yesterday, Queen’s Park passed legislation that commits the province to become a leading jurisdiction in the battle against poverty.

The Poverty Reduction Act, hailed by advocates as “historic,” requires successive governments to draft poverty-fighting strategies with specific goals every five years and to report annually to the legislature on progress.

British Columbia SkyTrain worker sent home for political endorsement over PA:NDP campaigners at a skytrain station

A transit system employee in Vancouver is facing an investigation after spouting a political endorsement over the Broadway SkyTrain station public-address system during the morning rush.

At a political rally in the station for B.C. NDP Leader Carole James on Thursday morning, the unidentified employee went on the PA and said, “Carole James rocks,” and then made an unfavourable comment about B.C. Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell.

British Columbia Is this Vancouver’s #1 ethics scandal?:

condo covered with tarp
“My contender for Metro Vancouver’s most notorious and widespread ethical breakdown of the past 30 years is the leaky condo crisis. It has brought true pain and hardship to hundreds of thousands.”

If you want to hear a expert talk about “Ethics and Leaky Condos,” you will be interested in attending a breakfast session downtown on the morning of Wednesday, May 13, sponsored by The Workplace Centre for Spiritual and Ethical Development.

John Haythorne, a professional engineer and lawyer in Vancouver, will discuss what happens when profits and quick monetary returns for construction companies or engineering firms override business ethics.

Canada Canada wants to “butch up” the men’s figure skating for 2010:disney on ice - frozone

Male skaters are emphasizing how hard the sport is — how grueling — and even how dangerous it can be. Stojko says that he’s torn his groin from the physical rigor of the jumps. “The amount of pressure on the body is ridiculous,” he said.

By showcasing the strength and athleticism that goes into skating, the organization hopes to tap into the strong viewership for sports like baseball, football and hockey.

Canada Canadian Dumb Ass Idea of the Year:

thumbs down Canadian MPs vote to include seal skin on Olympic uniforms

The federal government wants Canadian Olympians to wear a seal product — most likely skin — during the 2010 Winter Games to help protest a European Union ban on Canada’s seal hunt.

Members of Parliament from all parties voted unanimously Wednesday in favour of a Bloc Quebecois motion calling on the government to come up with a way to integrate seal pelts into the athletes’ uniforms.

“With the upcoming Winter Olympics that will be in Vancouver in 2010, the government has a chance to offer some concrete action to promote seal products,” Bloc Quebec MP Raynald Blais said.

Unanimously ?!?!?!?!? All of them? It didn’t occur to even one MP that some of the Canadian athletes might be opposed to the seal hunt? Or perhaps that they just wouldn’t want to be be used as political issue fashion models?

What if an athlete refused to wear the seal skin, then what? Would the RCMP tazer him/her and forcibly dress them, then parade them through the opening ceremonies in handcuffs? Yeah, I’m sure that would do loads of good to help seal product production.

thumbs up Olympic team opposes motion for sealskin uniforms

Olympic officials say ‘No’ to politics

But the head of the Canadian Olympic Committee immediately shot down the idea that sealskin, or any political statement, might be incorporated into the Olympic uniform.

“No, we would not be doing that,” said Chris Rudge, adding that over the coming year he expects to field a variety of requests similar to the one made Wednesday, and his answer won’t change.

“These are social and economic issues that our government will deal with,” said Rudge. “I think it would be inappropriate to use the athletes as a voice for issues that accrue to other elements to our society.”

two antlers downWow! Way to go Canadian MPs. Your short-sightedness achieved the exact opposite of what you were going for. The seal hunt now looks even worse than it did before. I never imagined such a thing to be possible.

For unanimoosely shooting yourself in the collective foot, I am giving the Canadian Parliament Two Antlers Down


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