Submarine Shark, Agaporomorphus colberti, Blue koi, Texas Ninja Turtle, and how Dolphins sleep

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Animal Friday Under the Sea

United States ‘Diving Beetle’ Named After Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert:

Japan Magnificent Blue Koi in Maruoka Castle’s Koi Pond:

Filmmaker Dan Savage snaps some interesting photos at Maruoka Castle in Japan, including this B-ah-oo-tiful blue koi.

blue koi

Tech Shark Submarine Allows Divers A Close-Up View Of The Ocean’s Greatest Predator:shark submarine

Fabien Cousteau, grandson of the famous Jacque, has created a submarine that allows a diver to interact with sharks on their own turf. In this way, scientists can explore what a shark does when it is not around people—in other words, observe the creatures nature behavior. This 14-foot long submarine mimics the movement of a real shark—and looks real enough to make me poop my pants.

sub shark from TintinCousteau named the shark sub Troy after a character in the Belgian

comic book “Tintin.” I immediately thought of Tintin when I saw the shark sub, because he used on in Red Rackham’s Treasure

Texas Texas – One-flipper turtle gets ‘ninja’ suit:

“Workers at Sea Turtle Inc strapped Allison, a five-year-old rescued turtle, into a neoprene “ninja” suit that holds a carbon-fibre fin in place on her back. The fin acts as a rudder, allowing her to propel herself forward with her sole fin.”

one flipper turtle in ninja suit

United States Dolphins keep an eye out while sleeping:two dolphins

Because they need to periodically come up for air and keep an eye out for potential predators, dolphins can’t curl up and zonk out at night like land mammals can. So they must stay somewhat conscious and sleep with the proverbial one eye open. Sam Ridgway of the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program wondered if this constant watchfulness would dull their senses, like sleep deprivation does in humans .

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