Therapy Weed, Addicted to Gaming, Gambling Addict Lawsuit, Obama ditches Needle Exchange

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Medical Monday

British Columbia Inside Insite: a firsthand look at addiction:

British Columbia Teens smoke weed therapeutically: UBC study:

“Not all teenagers smoke marijuana with the goal of getting high. A new study by researchers at the University of B.C. found some teens use marijuana to relieve or manage health problems when other therapies have not worked”.

United States Nearly 1 In 10 Youth Gamers Addicted To Video Games:

Gamers were classified as “pathological” if they exhibited at least six of 11 symptoms.
video games ruined my life, luckily I had two more
The pathological gamers in the study played video games 24 hours per week, about twice as much as non-pathological gamers. They also were more likely to have video game systems in their bedrooms, reported having more trouble paying attention in school, received poorer grades in school, had more health problems, were more likely to feel “addicted,” and even stole to support their habit.

The study also found that pathological gamers were twice as likely to have been diagnosed with attention problems such as Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Ontario Gambling Addicts lawsuit in Ontario:

A $3.5-billion lawsuit against the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. on behalf of more than 10,000 problem gamblers – with ramifications for many thousands more across Canada – reveals a devastating glimpse into a lucrative government business that leaves some of its best customers in financial ruin.

United States Obama breaks campaign promise on Needle Exchange Program:

The president supports needle exchange but he isn’t ready to lift the federal ban on funding needle exchange programs?
needle exchange symbol
Excuse me, Mr. President, but WTF? Needle-exchange programs work, they save lives, they prevent new HIV infections—often among the hardest-hit communities, i.e. poor communities, urban communities, communities of color. People will die as a result of your cowardice on this issue—and there’s nothing at work here but political cowardice. A Kaiser Family Foundation survey conducted in 1996 found that 66% of Americans support needle exchange programs. That was thirteen years ago. How much time is it going to take?

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