FLYING CARS, airbags for pedestrians, high tech speed bump, and a new toy to maim yourself

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tech talk tuesday

United States High-tech Speed Bump Detects Damage To Army Vehicles:

United States Study Says Minicar Buyers Sacrifice Safety:

“Consumers who buy minicars to economize on fuel are making a big tradeoff when it comes to safety in collisions, according to an insurance group that slammed three minimodels into midsize ones in tests”.
looks kind of like a snowboard with motorcycle wheel
North Carolina NC’s Xcite Bike Blurs Line between Motorcycle and Skateboard:

“It seems like humans are always looking for a new and exciting way to maim themselves. We always feel the need to push our limits to the extreme and completely blow convention right out of the water. It was from this attitude that the Xcite Bike was born”.

United Kingdom Parajet Skycar Gears Up for Production:looks like a dune buggy with a parachute attached

At the beginning of the year, the Parajet Skycar made a record breaking journey from London, England to Timbuktu in Africa. Since then, Parajet International has been working hard to find another company to help the produce their little piece of automotive goodness. Now, they have finally been able to enlist the help of Rage Motorsports to produce the Skycar and bringing it to the public.

United Kingdom Hood Mounted Air Bag Could Provide Much Needed Protection for Pedestrians:airbags from under front hood

When the airbag is deployed, it will cover several inches across the bottom of the windshield as well as providing more coverage on both of the A-pillars. These areas have been identified as the most likely place to be impacted during a pedestrian/vehicle collision and it is estimated that this system could reduce serious injuries by about 50%.

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