Grammar Review: Verb Tense and Comparisons

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UPDATE: The answers to this test are posted here

Verb Tense

  1. I have to write a paycheck for all of my seven employees. So far I _____________ four paychecks and I have three more to go.
  2. (go) A: I know that it’s late, but can I talk to Sarah please?
    B: No, she _____ already ______ to bed.
  3. (finish) We can’t eat yet because the noodles ________________ cooking.
  4. I was looking forward to eating the last piece of pizza, but by the time I got to the boardroom somebody had already ________ it.
  5. (fall) Oh no, I’m bald! All of my hair _____________ out!
  6. (steal) A: My bike is not where I left it. I think that somebody _______ my bike just now!
    B: Oh, that sucks. My bike ____________ last year.
  7. (see) A: ______ you ______ the new Harry Potter movie?
    B: No, I ____________ it.
  8. (see) A: I ___________ our friend Elizabeth in a long time.
    B: What? She was at the party last night. Didn’t you ______ her there?
  9. (make) I wonder if I __________ any mistakes on this test so far.


means more.
means less.

For example: I am 183cm tall. My brother is 187cm tall, so my brother is taller than I am. My sister is 170cm tall, so my sister is shorter than I am.

  1. My uncle is rich, but he would like to be ___________.
  2. The room is clean, but it could be ___________. It’s ___________ as when the house was new. (you need three words to fill in the blank. The middle one is a preposition)
  3. This tea is too hot to drink. I will wait for it to get _________ before I drink it. (Use the opposite of ‘hotter’. It also ends in ‘er’)
  4. I am scared of spiders, but I am even _____________ of snakes.
  5. I had to move last month. I wanted to find an apartment closer to my work, but I couldn’t. Now I am living even ___________ away than I was before. (Use the opposite of ‘closer’. It ends in ‘er’)
  6. I am so bored. I am _____________ than I have ever been in my whole life.
  7. At first, learning Japanese was very difficult for me. But over time, it became much _______________. (Hint: what is the opposite of difficult?)
  8. Many courses in high school were difficult for me. I think that algebra was the ________________. (Hint: the word ‘the’ means that you need a superlative to fill in the blank)
  9. (beautiful) A rose is _____________ than a weed.
  10. Yesterday, I felt sick. Today I feel ____________ than yesterday. I have a bad pain in my throat which is getting ____________. (Careful! the answer is NOT the opposite of bad)
  11. Even though I am _____________ than yesterday, I am still _______________ as my two coworkers. (you need three words to fill in the blank. The middle one is a preposition)
  12. My coworkers are even ____________ than I am. Out of the three of us, I am the _____________ of all. (Hint: the word ‘the’ means that you need a superlative to fill in the blank)
  13. When I get sick, my muscles are __________ than usual. (Use the opposite of ‘stronger’. It begins with a ‘w’)
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