Grammar Review: Verb Tense and Comparisons – Answers

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These are the answers to Grammar Review: Verb Tense and Comparisons posted on July 21, 2009:

  1. I have to write a paycheck for all of my seven employees. So far I have written four paychecks and I have three more to go.
  2. (go) A: I know that it’s late, but can I talk to Sarah please?
    B: No, she has already gone to bed.
  3. (finish) We can’t eat yet because the noodles have not finished cooking.
  4. I was looking forward to eating the last piece of pizza, but by the time I got to the boardroom somebody had already eaten it.
  5. (fall) Oh no, I’m bald! All of my hair has fallen out!
  6. (steal) A: My bike is not where I left it. I think that somebody stole my bike just now!
    B: Oh, that sucks. My bike was stolen last year.
  7. (see) A: Have you seen the new Harry Potter movie?
    B: No, I have not seen it.
  8. (see) A: I haven’t seen our friend Elizabeth in a long time.
    B: What? She was at the party last night. Didn’t you see her there? <–WOOPS! There was a spelling mistake in this sentence. ありがとう ゆかりさん.
  9. (make) I wonder if I have made any mistakes on this test so far.


means more.
means less.

For example: I am 183cm tall. My brother is 187cm tall, so my brother is taller than I am. My sister is 170cm tall, so my sister is than I am.

  1. My uncle is rich, but he would like to be richer.
  2. The room is clean, but could be cleaner / more clean. It’s not as clean as when the house was new.
  3. This tea is too hot to drink. I will wait for it to get cooler before I drink it. <– (hmmm, now that I think about it, the opposite of 'hotter' is 'colder') WOOPS!
  4. I am scared of spiders, but I am even more scared of snakes.
  5. I had to move last month. I wanted to find an apartment closer to my work, but I couldn’t. Now I am living even further away than I was before.
  6. I am so bored. I am more bored than I have ever been in my whole life.
  7. At first, learning Japanese was very difficult for me. But over time, it became much easier.
  8. Many courses in high school were difficult for me. I think that algebra was the most difficult.
  9. (beautiful) A rose is more beautiful than a weed.
  10. Yesterday, I felt sick. Today I feel sicker / more sick than yesterday. I have a bad pain in my throat which is getting worse.
  11. Even though I am sicker / more sick than yesterday, I am still not as sick as my two coworkers.
  12. My coworkers are even sicker / more sick than I am. Out of the three of us, I am the least sick of all.
  13. When I get sick, my muscles are weaker than usual.

I know that things got a little confusing with number 10, 11, and 12. When I say ““, I don’t mean the situation improved. I mean that the adjective becomes stronger.

Sick + = Sicker / More Sick.

I will try to be more clear in future tests.


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