Reading Comprehension with Pictures

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Choose the sentence that best describes what is happening in the picture. The first image includes explanations of why the sentences are right or wrong. The answers for the rest will be posted in a few days.

UPDATE: The answers have been posted here.

Some sets of sentences use advanced English. Even native English speakers probably would not get a perfect score. So don’t stress out; just do your best.

(1) Live Three

(a) One man is playing with a guitar. Wrong Word – One man is playing with a guitar. A person plays with a toy, not a musical instrument.

(b) The man with dark hair is the singer of this band. Maybe? – The picture does not give enough information for us to know if this sentence is true or false.

(c) The guitarist is playing an electric guitar. False – He is playing an acoustic guitar.

(d) There are two guitars in this picture. Correct – The second one is leaning against the wall behind the guitarist.

(2) no title

(a) She has a beard.

(b) She is wearing a ring.

(c) A couple are drinking together.

(d) They are both using their left hands.

(3) IMG_3905

(a) There is a mannequin in this picture.

(b) The man in front is wearing only a loincloth.

(c) Many people are taking pictures.

(d) Everyone except the man in front is wearing a white shirt.

(4) Puente de Piedra

(a) This is a good spot to go fishing.

(b) This is an example of a suspension bridge.

(c) The water is very still.

(d) The ridge is made of stone.

(5) Stare Down

(a) On the left of this picture is a set of doors that opens automatic when the train stops.

(b) The train is underground.

(c) The man in front is wearing a striped shirt.

(d) The man in front is wearing a plaid shirt.

(6) Cabeça a Prêmio

(a) This photograph is a little bleary.

(b) Some of the tiles are different colors.

(c) The man in front is wearing striped pants.

(d) The photographer has cut out the head of the man in front.

(7) Sit a spell

(a) The man with the pipe is the oldest.

(b) The man with the pipe is in profile.

(c) We are looking at the right face of the man with the pipe.

(d) The foreground is out of focus.

(8) SDIM1139

(a) The man in this picture has bare feet.

(b) The two shoes are facing each other.

(c) This man has no socks.

(d) The shoelace spells out the word “home”.

(9) fantino

(a) The jockey’s sleeves have horizontal stripes.

(b) The jockey has been riding for hours.

(c) The fence wood keep the horses on the track.

(d) The jockey is wearing goggles.

(10) 700

(a) The man is sitting at space number 7000.

(b) The numbers are in alphabetical order.

(c) The man looks bored.

(d) Vancouver Moose is the most handsome moose in all of Vancouver.


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