Reading Comprehension with Pictures

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Choose the sentence that best describes what is happening in the picture. The first image includes explanations of why the sentences are right or wrong. The answers for the rest will be posted in a few days.

Some sets of sentences use advanced English. Even native English speakers probably would not get a perfect score. So don’t stress out; just do your best.

(1) Lava a Dora

(a) It looks like somebody is sitting on a washer. Wrong Word – Someone is sitting on a washing machine. A washer is small piece of hardware.

(b) This person is doing their laundry. Maybe? – There isn’t enough information in the picture to tell whether this statement is true or false.

(c) The floor is covered in linoleum. False – The floor appears to be tiled.

(d) The person in this picture is wearing sneakers. Correctsneaker is one word for athletic shoes. They are also commonly called running shoes.

UPDATE: answers posted here

(2) Bridge

(a) This bridge is for training.

(b) This bridge is used to cross a river.

(c) Only trains can cross this bridge.

(d) The rails on the ground run parrallel to each other.

(3) Hot Rod

(a) The hubcap of one of the wheels is refracting an image of another car.

(b) This car is used for racing.

(c) There is a lot of chrome on this car.

(d) We can see both sides of both front tires.

(4) Crumbs at the Fountain Of Neptune

(a) The woman in this picture is feeding crumbs to the birds.

(b) The road is made of cobblestone.

(c) The woman is standing on the steps.

(d) The birds are picking up crumbs with their mouths.

(5) Dave Bielanko – Marah

(a) You can’t really see them all, but if it is a standard guitar, there must be six wires.

(b) He is clean-shaven.

(c) He is wearing pants.

(d) His shirt has vertical stripes.

(6) Beijing Airport Terminal 3

(a) From this angel, you can see a lot of people.

(b) The windows let in a lot of light.

(c) All of the people have luggage.

(d) The roofs are supported by pillars.

(7) no title

(a) One black bird is birched on the wall almost in the center of the picture.

(b) Another black bird is on a lodge further down.

(c) This building is abandoned.

(d) This building has an unusual facade.

(8) Calling you who needs a Cell Phone

(a) The boy is straining up to reach the dial.

(b) The telephone is very old-fashioned.

(c) There is a light ball near the top of the picture.

(d) This is a picture of a boy in a phone box.

(9) Schloss Hof

(a) The fence wood keep the animal from getting away.

(b) Other animals are grassing in the background.

(c) The animal is costing a shadow onto the fence.

(d) This animal is a quadruped.

(10) Medioeval

(a) This corridor is part of a castle.

(b) There are many columns in this corridor.

(c) Even though the corridor looks old, the runway on the ground is made of modern materials.

(d) This corridor has a medieval pattern.


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